Pita inspired sandwhich

Well, this post is to show my pita inspired sandwhich. “pita-inspired” since i wanted to prepare a pita sandwhich but the pita bread is too thick that it almost looked like a pizza bread something. So i took this:


Yes. Its a tortilla wrap. Moving on,
Well, i simply prepared a tuna egg fillings just for my first try. I first fried my eggs(in bits),


Then pre heated the wrap for 20 seconds (atleast) 10 seconds on each side. Next is preparing the healthy fillings(vegetables) haha. My all time favorite lettuce-tomato combination.

Next is to put mayo on the wrap (it serves as a liquifier so that the sandwhich is not dry)


Next is to put the drained-out-of-its-oil-tuna(preferred flavor) and eggs.


The red sauce there is a hot sauce. Optional: cheese (serves as a twist) or you want pineapple bits?


Well. Almost done. And put your watery-leafy-thingy. Haha.


Well, tomato and lettuce


The lettuce i used is just a single leaf i just cut it into piece since its not a square-sandwhich that i can put the lettuce as it is.

Then the rolling part. Ü


Yea. Its stuffed like that. That is why you must put the fillings and keep it on a single side, either left or right, where you will roll the sandwhich first..so  i put mine on the right side part and rolled the sandwhich from the right side. 

Then tada,


Its done. I kept it in its rolled state by using the toothpicks. Haha.

Wepp, Im just gonna share my first pita inspired sandwhich.


Yes, i put everything as if its a sandwhich.


Its the same intructions but i put everything flat on all of the wrap’s surface. The problem arise when i started rolling the wrap. Haha


Yeah. The fillings are crowded. The upper roll of the wrap must not have fillings in it too! The wrap must touch the wrap. It looks like some of them dont wanna be in that bread. Hahaha. Well, it looks yummy though but its messy when youre the one eating it.

Picturea took with different color of the plate, yes, its the combination of different prepared sandwhiches since i was not able to click the shutter with my second serving but the steps were the same.

Have a healthy week ahead!


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