-Prepare Your Potatoes
I brushed these potatoes in order for the mud/dirt to take off. I guess it took me rinsing it atleast twice.


-STEAM/BOIL (20-30min)
Next is to steam your potatoes. In my case i steamed it just right after washing it off (i forgot to peel it). Peeling the potatoes can be done before or after the steaming part but in my process it must be peeled before steaming (see proceeding pictures why). In my ‘steaming’ step, i crushed some garlic then sliced (an opening) each potatoes for the garlic taste to be absorbed by the potatoes. After steaming, see for it that when you taste your potato there must be a slight touch of garlic.


-Beat It.
Well, after i steamed the potatoes, i manually beat them (dont have a hand blender). Note that in this step (just right after steaming) this is where you put your butter. And it will melt if the potatoes are still hot. That is why peeling off should be done before steaming since the potatoes were hot after steaming i dont know how to manage peeling it off (manually by hands, atleast). Peel off the skin just right after the washing part for you to avoid scalding and keeping the potatoes hot just right after steaming. In addition, i didnt take the potatoes’ skin (major uh-oh) so here’s the outcome:


Well, atleast for me the taste is good but it looks so uninvitingly. Sanji (Head Cook from One Piece) said that inorder for the meal to taste good it must be looking good. Haha.

Here’s the picture of the peeled one:


Potatoes here have different aura (from above). Hahah. Choose your low calorie butter (low calorie? Haha) and it’ll just melt. Next is the beating process again.


Potatoes and butter. Beat. Next is the (optional) addition of black pepper. I dont know but the taste it adds is minimal.


Then fin.



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