Btw (bike to work)


A shot of my everyday going-to-work-companion. Hahah. Yes. I recently purchased my ride last November 2014. In searching for my bike, cannondale is not in my list simply because its (much) expensive than others. In setting my budget, i said to myself that i will get a bike for as low as 15k and ill get it from my allowance 5k each for 3 months. But as days goes, as i search more and more, my knowledge widens as long with my budget, it stretched from 15k to 30k. But i think spending beyond 30k or 50k for an entry level bike is too much. Well, atleast for me. Hahah.
After i decide that im finally getting a bike, i went to quiapo manila just to buy a simple helmet. But when i get there, stores and bikes were so inviting. Then a cannondale at my side is like a person staring at me as if the bike is saying ‘You can. Ride me. Try me.’ Then poof. I went back home empty handed (no helmet) but I paid the reservation for my cannondale at Bisikleta Manila.

Will post some experiences soon!

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