Steering Wheel x Handle Bars

I learned first how to drive before getting my bike. At first, whenever I drive, I get irritated on those people who ride their bikes. I dont have any grudges on biker community but every time I drive and Im beyond a biker, I cant help myself to get frustrated because they’re just a bunch of slow-moving-thingy and Im the person who likes hitting the gas (just kidding!)

The real reason of me hating being behind a biker is because when I was still a student driver (sticking most of the time beside the gutter to avoid causing traffic or trouble on other vehicles) the bikers also stay beside the sidewalk as possible (so me and the biker on the same side now).
There is no time that I didnt restart the car’s engine because I cant get my rhythm while the biker is taking too much time pedaling his/her bicycle. (Hahah) but in return I learned the so called “footwork” pedaling between the gas and break and clutch. So, kudos for those bikers that gotten in my way!

Me having a bike? Well, I bought my bike for mainly the reason – FOOD TRIP! and a little sweaty sweat activities. Haha! Well, at first I just wanna stop in every bakery I bumped into and taste their bread. Yes Im a big fan of breads not only the bakeries on the malls but also along the streets. There are times that while Im in a jeepney and saw a bakery, I wanted to get off just to taste what kind of bread that bakery is making.
Idk, a bread’s smell is so inviting! Yea for that reason I bought a bike.

Biking in the road for me is everyday adventure. Im one those bike-to-work people, well of course having my job just 15-20minutes away from home. I think biking is the most suitable service (during sunny days) in my case.

Having a bike taught me how to be cautious in driving a car. Whenever there is a biker in front of me, if possible, I want to Fist-bump him/ her and say “you’re doing great.” Specially those times inside a car and when the traffic jams and all I could think of is “I wont be stuck in here if I just brought my bike.” Hell, its a lot convenient than a four wheels.

Well, I think it also depends on what or where you’re going. Driving a car and biking is both convenient.

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