After Getting a Bike, What now : Accessories / Attachment

After Getting a Bike, What now??

I got my bike for almost half a year now and will post this for those things that I did after buying my bike or accessories I bought before my first ride.

HELMET – This is a MUST! An SOP for all the bikers. At first, my neighbors are looking at me whenever I’m entering/exiting our home with me wearing a helmet. I can see in their faces the “she is just going to bike, what’s with the helmet?” or maybe “She’s being over protective of herself” etcetera. Well, that’s right, its our head. You can have heart transplant but not brain transplant. I am not telling it could avoid you from accidents but it could spare the damages. Is your brain that cheap? Worth every peso coin here.

BOTTLE HOLDER & BOTTLE – I also bought this combination. You can purchase a cheap holder, well, its just a holder. In bottle, I considered the EASE OF USE so i picked the squeeze type. I also considered the QUALITY. Yes you don’t wanna drink your water with a plastic taste (might be toxic). Insulated bottle for keeping the coolness of water – longer.

SHADES/EYE PROTECTION – I went for a cheap pair, just a common shades. No “sport specific” application, I think the purpose of eye protection is covered. In trails, there were some dirt that slipped through. So it must have a goggle-like fittings (advisable for trail rides). The 2 pairs I got are working just fine for me during the day ride. I don’t plan on upgrading it [yet].

HEAD&TAIL LIGHTS –  I did not bought a tail light, I have one in my Helmet which I think is just fine (before) but Im considering to get a decent pair of these lights for night rides (sooner). Im using a Police 12000W as my head light before but it got stolen, I’ve got none as of now but my night ride is just from office to home only. Mostly of my 4.5km travel home is well lit. Im looking for a headlight that has a far reach and of super bright output, because based from my previous light which didn’t help me that much, I find it hard to see  the road further because of its short-reach capability.

SADDLE BAG –  yes I did bought one. Im using it whenever there is a short ride like from home to U.P Diliman (my typical no-ride destination) to put my wallet and phone. But whenever beyond that, I carry a separate back pack for other things and extra water.

SHOES – Im using different kind of shoes in riding. I did not bought mountainbike-specific shoes. But be aware, choose a rubber shoes that has a thick sole, because pedals will eat it, this happened in my crocs after 2months of using  :

DRIFIT SHIRT – I’m not discussing the tech shirt vs cotton here but I did bought sets of drifit shirts not only for biking, also for badminton, hiking, running etcetera. So basically its hitting bunch of birds in a single stone. I prefer the long sleeves so i don’t have to buy separate arm cover for sun protection (aside from sunscreen). I’ll leave a note here: I will never wear a cotton shirt during a ride. It worth every peso.

BIKE LOCK – You can ride your bike even without these but you can’t just park it anywhere without these. I bought a pair of bike lock just right for the 2 quick release tires of my bike. The wrong part is, they’re cheap. This bike lock is an investment, they say that a thief wont get interested in your bike if it will cause them too much effort just to get it. I’m not saying that a bike lock can save your bike from a thief, but it can be spared. I got a new bike lock, it works just fine (compared previous)

Will post about TOOLS soon.

Note: I wanted to buy a Cyclometer from Day 1 of getting my mountain bike (buttercup), I just wanted to log my distance traveled but until now I don’t have it. I’m still looking around.

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