Egg Post!

Just made this post to scream that I’m craving for eggs!

Well, I super love eggs! I don’t know why, they just satisfy my angry stomach. At breakfast buffets, I just go straight to their eggs’ station. I want to eat all of their eggs if only its allowed? (or normal)

I stopped (or more appropriate “consume less”) facing eggs since November, I think it is the culprit on my diet. So I’m on a less protein now. The last time I ate eggs was a week ago. I packed 8 pieces of hard boiled eggs during our hike at Mt.Pulag on November 28-30, 2015 but they got spoiled during the first day! I have no choice, even though it was against my will, I threw them away. I will not sacrifice my stomach’s state especially on the Mountains.

So now, I’m just a kid craving for eggs. I want to go to a buffet and eat just eggs but all of my friends are busy right now as of the Christmas Season is in the air. Guess I’ll just prepare it at home or grab otw.

Boiled, sunny side up, quail, kwek-kwek, penoy, balut, etcetera.


Saitama’s expression is what I’m feeling right now.

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