Twin Hike : Mts. Gola and Manalmon

The Weather Was
Sunny. Ideal for Hiking.


How We Travelled
Rented Van from Cubao straight to the jump off. (via NLEX). Care of our friend Faye – IG.

Where We Went
Mountains Gola & Manalmon at San Miguel, Bulacan

Where We Ate
We have our packed lunch and helped ourselves on readily available tables at the Barangay. Note: P50 per table and P5 for CR..

Unforgettable Moment / What I Enjoyed Most
Crossing the Monkey Bridge (W/ harness,Safety First!)


Be Back
For Cliff Diving, Caving / Spelunking – missed it due to time shortage. 😦

For Cliff Diving, Caving / Spelunking – missed it due to time shortage. 😦 Avoid wearing cotton pants (cause of River crossing!). Sandals are advisable. Do not forget to apply sunblock and if the night catches you, do not hesitate to apply a mosquito repellent lotion or just cover your body since the changing / waiting / pack up area is near the river so expect some mosquito bites.

Hiker’s Note

View at Mt.Manalmon’s Peak was like of Rizal Mountains – Sierra Madre Range

River crossing experience like in Wawa Dam of Rizal. I actually asked the guide where is Mt.Ayaas (mountain in Rizal). I forgot that we were in Bulacan #RizalFeels #MissingRizal and the Guide got confused with my question. HAHAH!

I spotted a mountain that looks like Mt.Hapunang Banoi (Rizal) due to its rock formation.

2L of water is sufficient enough for the twin Hike. There is a fork that connects the two Mountain thus going to Mt. Manalmon from Mt. Gola (or vice versa) does not need the Hikers to be back at Barangay and NO water source along the way so be sure to Drink Wisely!









And here’s our actual Itinerary I logged during the hike (Yes, Im part time scribe):
8:25am ride out from PUREGOLD CUBAO
P250 Back&forth rented Van
11:00am ETA San Ildefonso,Bulacan
12:05am ETA Sitio Madlum / Sibul
P10 Barangay Registration Fee
1:00pm start trek, ASCENT, Mt.Gola
2:15pm ETA Mt.Gola’s Peak (with View)
3:00pm start trek, DESCENT
3:25pm ETA Carabao Area / near Fork to Manalmon
3:30pm start treak, ASCENT, Mt.Manalmon
3:45pm ETA Mt.Manalmon’s Summit
4:30pm start trek, DESCENT back to jump off
5:10pm ETA at jump off
– Caving, Spelunking, Swim, Monkey Bridge, Pictures, Shower, Pack  up
P80 each (2 guides, 2 mountains for 20pax)
7:00pm ride out from Sitio Madlum
10:10pm ETA at SM North
10:15pm ETA at Cubao – Marcos Hwy.

Actual Expense: 340.00
Safe Budget: 500
Total Expenses: 400-ish due to refreshments bought, CR, Water, etc.

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