Attended: IECEP 65TH AGM 2015

Seminar Attended

IECEP 65th Annual General Membership Meeting, December 8,9&10, 2015 at SMX – Mall of Asia.


Registration Process

IECEP Secretariat updates its facebook account about the seminar/s to be held and the step by step process of the registration.


How much the IECEP seminar/s will cost me

It depend on the seminar you will attend, as for this post, Annual General Membership Meeting, just prepare to spend approximately P4000.00

I registered ‘early bird‘ (almost 4mos. Before the event) and luckily IECEP Secretariat was offering discounted price to those eager participants like me thus cut my budget down to P3600. My company shouldered the Registration Fee – made my throat cleared and the seminar FREE! 🐣

During the 3-day Seminar


On the first day, delegates first must identified themselves whether they were UNCONFIRMED(registered but not yet paid) or CONFIRMED(registered&paid) before proceeding in Kit Claiming area. The Kit consists of: delegate’s ID,2016 Journal, sling Bag, ballpen – all with IECEP logo.





Its first day summarizes in welcoming, invocation, introduction, opening remarks of IECEP and PRC Board of ECE executives.



Second day of the seminar was the most interesting part for me. Functions were divided into smaller rooms, from 50 up to 150pax rooms capacity (depending on the topic) Delegates have to choose on what topics they want to participate and learn more from.

I personally attend to those topics that will help me on my career on electronics industry, mainly appliances.

Wide selection of Electronics engineering topics, applications, examples, personal experiences, opportunities, etc which vary from Television, Broadcasting, electronics, biomedicalΒ and many more!image


Seminars (per room) were simultaneously on going thus you might have to choose wisely on where you really want to attend. PRIORITIES.




Only one function was used (same set up as Day1), only a single flow of topics planned for that day so Delegates do not need to choose where to attend. Lastly, releasing of certs! We just piled up at the releasing booth for about 30minutes since the event was not officially done yet. But after the closing remarks, 5minutes of queuing and I got my hands on my certificate. 20points! 25 left to go. πŸ˜‚





Writer’s Note:

They rented 1 function at SMX for their Exhibitor’s List – Gold, Silver & Bronze Sponsors and Exhibitors.




There are other IECEP seminars only around P2000 but you will only get ~5CPD points while attending this 3-day AGM will earn you a solid 20CPD points for only P4000 – upon attending. So, attending this AGM paid off every cents!


IECEP students assisted / attended all of the Delegates concerns during the seminar. Kudos! πŸ“


No free food/lunch. Just take a break at 12nn and be back by 1:00pm, or earlier. πŸ–


Overflowing Coffee and water at the back were worth queuing for. 🍡



Delegates’ ID have barcodes on it that must be scanned every after the topic/speaker changed.



Attendance sheets and rating sheets were dissiminated (by IECEP Students) during each seminar. πŸ“


I was out of SMX by 5pm (do not want to get stuck at the famous Edsa Traffic jam) so on my First and Second day, I purposely did not finished the event until the end. I think they finished it at around 9:00pm (based on their program). πŸš—πŸš•πŸš™πŸšƒ

On Day 3, the closing remarks were given at around 3:30pm thus queueing ahead for the certificate got me home earlier than the first two days. At around 4:10pm, I am walking my way out of SM Mall oc Asia.


IECEP journal was given to those who arrived early. Not based on whether you are/are not ab early bird thus an unconfirmed delegate might get a journal (if he’s early) than those confirmed delegate who arrived late.


8:00 am was the typical start of the seminar/s so, being hateful being late, I’d keep myself at SMX at around 7:30am – straight for 3 consecutive days of the Seminar/AGM.

Issue of attending AGM just for CPD collection was discussed on the very first day of the seminar.



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