Twin Day Hiked: Mts. Talamitam and Apayam Traverse

The weather was
September 20, 2015 A sunny day. Ideal for hiking.. 🌄


How I (we) travelled
DLTB Bus from Gil Puyat going to “Bayabasan” or Just tell the ticketing personnel to drop you off at Kilometer 83.

Where I went/ What I saw
Twin Day hike: Mt.Talamitam traverse to Mt. Apayam Side trip to Talamitam Falls.

What / Where we ate
Typical hiker lunch – Tuna Paella, egg, and served meals from sari-sari stores at the Jump off (after the hike)

Special Purchases
None but souvenir stores present at the jump off.

Unforgettable Moment/What I enjoyed Most
After the traverse, we enjoyed the falls.
Talamitam falls will be first passed by hikers. Walking 5-15minutes from the off road of Km83.


A series of mini assault steps before arriving to the grassy plateau just right before the assault to Mt.Talamitam itself. [I certainly not expecting any assaults]

Overgrown grass of Mt. Talamitam traverse to Mt. Apayam is great for picture taking.


Steep trail of Mt.Apayam !!!!!!
There were no traces of trails (yet) the time we hiked. Trail to Mt.Apayam was newly opened that time. Upon checking the log book at Km91, our group hiked Mt.Apayam traverse almost the 20th. No blog entries, No reviews.

‘We were lucky for that sunny weather. I really don’t know how to descend with Mt.Apayam’s Trail if it rained that afternoon.


‘Baging’ (some dried roots) on the trail (descent from Mt.Talamitam up to Mt.Apayam jump off) might cause you to go out of balance.
After the unending steep descent of Mt.Apayam, a long walk at wide and flat grassy land will follow.

Places to remember for next time
The unknown mountain beside (right side facing) Mt.Talamitam

Again – The Falls

Mt. Apayam to Mt. Talamitam Traverse

Hiker’s Note:
The traversed Mountain was called Mt. Apayang / Apayam / Apayap by the Locals the time we hiked. They certainly said that its ‘either’ of the given names.

Km 83 Jump off of Mt. Talamitam and Km91 Jump off of Mt. Apayam covering 8km on the Traverse.

A fork between Mt.Talamitam and a neighboring Mountain (no name and trail yet that time, at the right side facing Mt.Talamitam) upon approaching the foot of Mt. Talamitam – just right after a short assault.

Sari-sari Stores and shower rooms at Mt. Talamitam jump off.

Don’t be fooled by uploaded pictures! There are two assaults before arriving at the Summit. (1) First is the short assault before arriving to the flat area of Mt.Talamitam where the Hikers can rest before proceeding to the (2) second short assault approaching the Mt.Talamitam’s Summit.
-I certainly did not see those assaults coming! I read blogs, reviews, and experiences about Mt.Talamitam but none of those said about it. But still, its a must climb for beginners. 👍
-A hiker (in front of our group) just vomited at the first assault. She ‘might’ had a heavy breakfast that time plus the unseen short assault.

After the trail, just right beside the road, a sari-sari store gave us free cold drinking water and allowing us to use their wash room after finishing the long and tiring walk right after the steep trail down Mt.Apayam.

Contact numbers. Pardon my face.


Pictures During the Hike:



Enter a caption
















Being the scribe of the group, here’s our logs:

540 DLTB bus from Leveriza to Km83 (Bayabasan) P129

745 Start trek (Km83 Off road)
P40 reg. Fee
930 Arrived at Mt.Talamitam summit
P40 buko juice

950 Start trek from Mt.Talamitam Summit to Mt. Apayam Traverse

1030 Arrived at Mt. Apayam summit

1045 Start descent from Mt.Apayam

1400  Arrived at Brgy. Mataas na Pulo.
Simbahan / Tindahan / Houses visible
Road present.

14:10 Reg to Brgy. Km91 OR PASONG KAWAYAN via Multicab
20 reg fee
‘Our group was lucky enough to ride a multicab on our way to Brgy for Free. A 20-30minute long walk from Off Road.

1420 ETD of Km91 via Trike (kinda rocky road for tricycles)

1500 Arrived at km83
Lunch, Rest, Nap, Falls for Side trip, Shower
P20 shower

1700 Tidy Up, Pack Up
P500 / Guide
P200 per pax

1745 Ride bus to Pasay at Km83
P124 dltb bus

2120 arrived at Pasay
P24 mrt pasay to Cubao

Total Expenses during the hike: 593.00
Actual expenses from and to home: 750.00
Safe budget: 1000.00

Additional expenses like crackers at bus, refreshments (buko juice P40/200-300ml at Talamitam Summit), lunch at stores, showers etc.

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