Philippines’ 2016 Election is just around the corner, just three (3) months away as of today. Campaign period started and advertisements are everywhere. Lot of us see or hear the “This is a paid advertisement” on Television or radio advertisement, it’s their SOPs and no questioning about that.

I am just wondering if that was a paid advertisement, who really paid for it? What I mean is – who really is beyond a candidate that actually paid for a specific advertisement? From their own party? Who among from their camp?

See, if I am a tycoon and I wanted to promote my business, I would invest my money in supporting into someone – for example – like Manny Pacquiao. I wanted to see my business logo – my identity, printed on his short for the whole world to see that I am beside  our boxing hero, I know him, I am his friend or any other business relationships you could think of. I am aiming to embed my identity to people’s head for them to remember me and my company whenever they see my logo.

Again – who really is beyond a candidate that actually paid for an advertisement? Why someone (with no relation with a candidate) would invest and not reveal himself? If he truly supports his bet, why not promote his candidate together with his name? Why not give credits on him-self?

Let us face it, campaigning is not a thing a candidate could do alone no matter how wealthy he is, how much is in his wallet or bank accounts. A candidate must have a sponsor/s to shoulder or help his campaign expense.
And just wondering (again) if they are keeping themselves incognito, why? What are these sponsors going to get in return if his candidate wins? Is it something illegal? So, if their candidates win the race, they will charge him a credit for supporting his campaign and will collect soon and possibly become this sponsor’s puppet?

Just to help the voters, I hope this transparency can be done. It is also important that a voter understands (in the future – if a certain candidate wins), why this chosen Leader would favor this businessman over the others.

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