Twin Dayhike: Mts.Pamitinan & Binacayan

The Weather Was

February 28, 2016

Sunny in the morning but started drizzling late in the afternoon.


How I (We) Travelled

Met up at Sta.Lucia Mall along Marcos Highway and rode a jeep bound to Montalban, Rizal. Alight at Eastwood Residences (Rizal) and a 10-15minutes tricycle ride going to Sitio Wawa.

Where I (We) went / What I (We) saw

Twin Day hike in Mountains Pamitinan and Binacayan in Rizal.




Where I (We) Ate / What I (We) Ate

  • A packed skyflakes for breakfast and a tuna paella for lunch.

If you’re not prepared for this hike or had a short notice for this hike (Or any hike with its jump Off at Sitio Wawa), worry no more! A lot of “paluto” are present around the area.

Special Purchases

None. But Souvenir stores available in Sitio Wawa.


Unforgettable Moment / What I enjoyed Most

Being these Mountains as Technical Climb!

Mountains Pamitinan and Binacayan are considered a Technical Hike. Their mountain characteristics comprised of rocks, mass of rocks, boulders and alike. Oh, I forgot to mention, these rocks are sharp-pointed which requires any hiker to wear a gloves.



Rock Boulders in Mt.Binacayan



Places to Remember for Next time

  • Sitio Wawa (also) is the jump off for Mountains Hapunang Banoi (Rizal) and Binacayan. Which both of them are Technical climb.



Pami Banoi Ayaas in one picture

  • Wawa Dam swim! I actually did not swim that day, I packed light which means bringing only my bladder and a camera. [picture]

Wawa Dam_2 Wawa Dam_1


  • Rock climbing spot can be passed by on the way going up to either Mt. Hapunang Banoi and Mt. Pamitinan just before their Junction – a Store present half way of this climb!

Wasn’t able to take a photo of those rock formation. [Only the close up one]Rock Climbing


  • Pamitinan Cave! But this hike did not include Spelunking on our itinerary.



Hiker’s Notes:

  • No packed food? Not prepared for the hike? Stores at Sitio Wawa have all you need from breakfast, lunch, extra shirt, shower toiletries, etc. So you can pack light in this hike. In fact, I only packed a bladder.
  • Wear gloves! If you forgot yours, don’t worry! You can secure a pair at stores present in Sitio Wawa (jump off) just before you hike.
  • A basic Guide Fee is P500 / 5 pax. Doing a twin hike will cost you an additional “willing” amount. They (at Barangay) said that it’ll depend to hiker(s) how much they would add.

We hiked Mts. Hapunang Banoi and Ayaas last quarter of 2015 and the Guide Fee back there was ~P400/5-7pax. BTW, Mt. Ayaas now has its jump off at Brgy. Mascap.

  • At Mt. Pamitinan – A pile of stores present at the Junction between Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Hapunang Banoi. The junction serves the half-way point of Mt. Pamitinan to Summit (said our Guide). Stores present in Mt. Pamitinan so need not to worry if you ran out of water, lot of refreshments are present there! You can purchase, extra clothes too!
  • In Mts.Pamitinan and Binacayan, reaching or climbing the summit takes only 1 group at a time so expect a lot of hikers piling up for their photo ops. – Yes same with the Monolith of Mt. Palay – palay
  • Don’t forget to apply and re-apply your sunblock! Mt. Pamitinan is a covered mountain but you will be definitely open out in the sun from time to time. Mt. Binacayan is an open-out-in-the-sun type of mountain.
  • A lot of hikers visit the three Mountains whose jump off at Sitio Wawa. if you’re doing a twin hike and if time is in concern, I advise to make your First hike as early as possible. The trail is a single-track one, so it’s much easier if you own the trail or no other hiker group/s against your direction.

It’s quicker on the trail to get passed by or to pass others by than giving or receiving other lanes’ way.In addition to, a lot of hikers might block your way due to their time to time photo ops.

  • A cut-off time, 2pm, was set by DENR personnel to be the last batch of hiker going up to Mt.Pamitinan or Binacayan


Preparations / Trainings
Include upper body routine(s) on your workout, its a big help!

Leg press for foot stability especially in standing on a sharp-pointed rocks. And for photo ops.

Series of cardio routines for endurance and exercise your pacing and breathing.

What I Wore / What must be the Attire

  • Gloves, Long sleeves Drifit, Trekking Pants, Sandals

I didn’t used gloves and I used  a trekking shorts, I have a few scratches on legs and an internal bleeding on my hands (jk!) just a rosy palm. 

Use a closed shoes in this hike, I used my sandugo sandals – I thought was okay until we climbed Mt. Binacayan, aside from rock boulders, it also has a loose sand and tiny rocks which resembled to Mt.Pico de Loro’s Summit. Small rocks continuously getting under my feet which made my every step a ‘’hassle’’ one. It would be the same if I used the sandals with socks.


Shout Out:

Ate Gina, our guide [picture]






Being the scribe of our Group, here’s our (Actual) time logs and Expenses:


4:15am Ride jeep bound to Montalban, Rizal
4:55am Arrived at San Rafael (Dulo), Rizal or you can alight at Eastwood Residences and ride a Tricycle
                                                P10/person, P60 for especial trips
5:10am Arrived at Sitio Wawa
      Secured a guide, Registered, Signed a Waiver, CR concerns, Change to Hike attires
5:25am Passed at (their) Barangay Hall for another Registration of our Names
                                                P20/group (any amount donation)
5:30am Start Trek, Mt. Pamitinan
5:50am Arrived at Rock Climbing area
6:20am Arrived at Tindahan – Junction of Banoi and Pamitinan
       Took a 5 minutes rest
6:55am Arrived at Mt.Pamitinan – Summit 1
       Scene Appreciation, Be amaze, Photo Ops
7:22am Arrived at Mt.Pamitinan – Summit 2
       Scene Appreciation, Be amaze, Photo Ops
8:10am Descent, Start trek
9:00am Arrived back at Tindahan - Junction of Banoi and Pamitinan
9:40am Arrived back to Sitio Wawa
       Eat lunch, Rest, visited Wawa Dam, Sleep
                                 P200/pax – guide fee (P500 for me, David and Jea)
12:20pm Start Trek, Mt. Binacayan
        Summit 1 and 2 – scene appreciation, Photo Ops
3:00pm Arrived at Mt. Binacayan – Summit 3
        Scene Appreciation, Be amaze, Photo Ops, Rest
3:25pm Descent, Start trek
4:30pm Arrived at Sitio Wawa
        Shower, Pack up, Eats, Visited Wawa Dam, Photo Ops
                                  P150/pax – guide fee (P300 for me and Angel)
6:00pm Ride out from Sitio Wawa via Tricycle
                                                P10/pax, (P60/trip)
7:00pm Ride out from Eastwood (Rizal) to Sta. Lucia via Fx
Total (Actual) Expenses: P457.00 (my expenses)
Safe budget: ~P500-P700



Summary and Time Logs of Our Hike:

  • 1.5hours Ascend, Arrived at Mt. Pamitinan’s Summit 1 and additional 10 Minutes for Summit 2
  • 1.5hours Descend, from Mt. Pamitinan’s Summit 2 to Sitio Wawa
  • 3.5hours (approx.) Taken for Lunch, Rest, and Sleep
  • 2.6 hours Ascend, Arrived at Mt. Binacayan’s Summit 3. Summits are 5-10minutes hike-time apart
  • 1hour Descend, from Mt.Binacayan’s Summit 3 to Sitio Wawa





pointed rocks of Mt. Pamitinan


A hiker in Summit 1, Mt. Pamitinan 2


Mt. Bincayan shot from Mt. Pamitinan Summit


jea facing Mt.Binacayan


nof facing Mt.Binacayan


hikers in Summit 2, Mt.Pamitinan


summit 2 Jea going up


summit 2 Jea going down


jea at Summit 2 of Mt.Pamitinan



Pamitinan Summit viewed from BinacayaN


Pami Summit from Bina_zoom


Angel at Binacayan Summit 1


Binacayan Summit 1_Nof


otw to summit 2 angel


Binacayan Summit 2_Angel


Iligan River viewed from Binacayan Summit 3







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