Event Host Details
Run United 1 – Run Rio Trilogy. March 13,2016 (Sunday) at Mall of Asia Grounds

ru front


Runner’s Records
Distance: 21km
PR – Time: 2:40  based from activehealth

Route Read
The route started from a turn at Diokno covering “probably” (since I am not familiar with the place) 500-800m from the starting line. Runners then proceed to Macapagal then passing by CCP Complex and continued to Km 0 – Luneta(covered 8kms). After a turn at Km 0, a long and tiring straight lane up to City of Dreams after passing the first bridge along Roxas Blvd and the second bridge at the Heritage Hotel. The race continued at Baclaran and the same (two) bridges were crossed after a turning point at City of Dreams (11kms). On our way back to the starting line, the bridge at Roxas Blvd already covering a 17km mark. Last 4kms started from CCP Complex on way to the Finish line.


This Run United 1 is my 2nd attempt in 21km run. Well, my first was in NatGeo last year on which I cannot remember how I finished that run AND what happened that race – that became my first and last run for 2015. In this run although I cannot fully say that this is my best(est) shape, I felt that I am stronger than my first 21km last 2015 on NatGeo. Why? coz I’m using a decent pair of running shoes today, jk!

On the first Kilometer, at the first turn at Diokno Street, I stopped at the first Portalets and managed my business. It took me almost 5 minutes and just followed the herd after. I don’t have an upset stomach that morning but nature called me! In my next run, I will definitely not eat 1.5 or 2 days before the run! Or is it because of excitement?

Upon passing at Macapagal, the road there is kind of spiky. At the first run (going to Luneta) it was unnoticeable since a lot of the runners have a bunch of energy but on our way to Finish Line, that Macapagal part was the worst! It’s eating my energy, my shoes were not bouncy enough to continue each of my steps. We covered approximately 19km and that spiky road is truly a test of leg strength. On this case, leg presses are useful. Even though riding a bike, this road must be a pain in the ass. Kinda. 

Upon approaching the First Bridge – along Roxas Blvd., I’m around the 2:45pacers and they were very careful with the approach on the bridge. During the uphill, they let the runners catch their breath saying “Op, Stop!” just do a brisk walking and run again right after reaching the apex.

After passing at the City of dreams, 16km mark, my stride became unstable. There were steps wherein either one of my legs became “jelly”. In this case I just decided to run faster. They were not aching, I think that would be just my legs adjusting since I quickly change to a slower run on this turning part.

Runner’s Notes

A warm up exercise was taught to all the participating runners before the gun start. It’s a good thing but we were on the way front of 2nd Wave and a lot of runners like to stay on the “front” part. We were literally and physically shoulder to shoulder distance with each other thus following the warm up instructions was impossible. I personally advised to do a self or group warm up before hitting the road.

Some of the runners (competitive) keep on making their own way out of the herd. There were times that they were outside the tap / counter zone (looks like man-made humps). Those humps are the counter! If you look closely, a computer is connected at the end of that hump, some even has a tone-notifier if a runner crossed it.

Water stations were carefully placed every 1.5km to 2km distance. Runners can chose to drink either Gatorade or Water. Thank you Gatorade! Sponge and CarbGel stations after passing the 16km mark at City of Dreams.

Pacers have balloons so runners can spot them easily.

Water sprinkler placed somewhere at World Trade part of the route both for incoming and outgoing runners.

Medical assistance were placed along the race route. I spotted an AMBUCARE bus roaming around the route.

Heat from the Sun can really eat up our energy so the runners must finish the race soon as they can. And as fast as they can.

Be ready for r.u.2 since r.u.1 21km race kits got out of stock a few weeks when registration was up. I advise the runners to get a prepaid card instead of online registration since most of the runners preferred via online for convenience so prepaid cards still have stocks when the online 21km registration run out.

I availed the active health for 21k with a 100 peso difference from a regular 21k race kits. This includes  enervon capsule, gel, training plans (sent via email),a belt bag, and a personalized race bib which contains  a runner’s desired name to display at their bib.



You can chose a separate size for your single and your finisher shirt. You will chose upon the online registration.

I bought a prepaid card at Robinson’s galleria and register for the race online. I opted to just claim the race kit. For those who chose the online registration and delivered it at home, the race bib belt was not included at the kit (yet) and can be claimed at their information area during day of the event.

No street lights available past the 10km mark from CCP passing the two bridges until the City of Dreams. On the first bridge, no marshals were available and if a random drug addict was roaming around that area, a runner / runner will surely be hurt. To the organizer, please be sure to place marshals in places like this.



  • To Coach Rio. He’s so hands on with this event. He actually cheered the runners and scream “Last 4kms, keep it up!” as we passed at him at “probably” 17.5kms. He’s also roaming with his scooter to check the runner’s routes and to make sure no one is blocking our way. I, personally, heard him on his walkie talkie saying something to keep the runners on the safe side. This is my first time joining his event, so I’m amazed though I always see him on other running events riding his road bike. #StarStruck
  • To the event itself and/or the host. After the run, the hosts encouraged everyone (all) to join the raffle since every runner is entitled to that raffle. The catch is, before you put your raffle stub at the Tambiolo, it must have a three (3) stamps which the runners can only get by visiting the booths. This running event is the only one I joined so far that encourages the runners to visit their booths or to get loots. I, personally, don’t involve myself in this part of every run since I’m thinking that it’s useless for me or just whenever I see the pile of runners on a booth is too much! Minding that my feet were already aching. So kudos to the hosts. I drank 3x of enervon hp drink! #LagokPaMore
  •  To ate PT! They have this booth of post-stretching for the runners. You just have to log on their sheets and they will assist you the stretching techniques. Mind you, they are PT students from UST, Yay! During the stretching, she said to me “Papayat ka nyan” coz I’m doing great (w/ stretching???) and because of that, ate crush na kita!  Sana kayo ulit ng team mo sa R.u.2 choz! #GirlCrush

Ate PT

  • Of course to our Photographer: Jai Guzon. He actually ran along with us just to get the right spot so that he can capture a good photo during the run. Kudos! Thanks for the picture! #BoysWhoPicture

Jai Guzon

  • To all the enforcer / marshals that shouts “GO GO GO RUNNERS!!!” or greeted us “GOOD MORNING RUNNERS!” You don’t have an idea how much of that simple greet can cheer us up!
  • To God, for keeping my body healthy and able to run! Amen!



  • I don’t have a program (yet) for running. I just did some rnning once a week, covering either 5km or 10km.
  • To avoid an upset stomach, keep on eating what you actually eat 3 days before the event.


















Event Host 


Half Marathon Results



“I have already did what I will dare my future self to do” -rosnof


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