Eats & Feels: Wednesday Hanash!!

I’m gonna write this coz I’m too exhausted with the people’s reaction seeing what I eat.
As of today, Wednesday – April 6, 2016, marked the first week of my lowcarb-intake program. Why? I have to loose weight in order for me to increase my pace in running. You know, the typical small mass vs large mass will definitely result to a small mass having the advantage of faster pace thus cutting carbohydrates will surely a good bet.

I only eat my baon during our mirienda break – 4pm which is exactly 2hours before my workout.
Guess what! As I pulled my baon out and revealed my 4 precious hard boiled eggs, people around me (at office’s canteen) seems to loose their mind!
I know I don’t have or need to say this but for the record, I deserve those eggs! I need those protein after my workout. Okay lang sana kung mga healthy people ang magkaron sakin ng mga ganon looks but they’re not!! I don’t judge them on what they eat (healthy or unhealthy) but why are they reacting on mine? Is that really of a big deal???
Does eating egg (only) is a crime now? Sila nga makakain ng kanin, tinapay at pancit canton (super carbs) ng sabay sabay sa isang meal akala mo nag cacarbo loading for a long run.

As in natatawa sila sa kinakain kong itlog. Gulat na gulat na 4pcs ang kakainin ko everyday. Sige nga, ano naman pinag kakain nila? Just a bunch of junks. I don’t care if they’re treating their body like a trash can for eating trash(es) but please don’t make paki-alam on my food.

Wala kayong alam sa nararamdaman ko, sa program na ginagawa ko, sa mga kakainin ko, so please stop that judgy look you’ve got. It seems like I’m being an Alien for eating what truly my body needs.

The same experienced I get around them (people at the office) when eating my sandwich during lunch. Kanya-kanya pong diet. FYI mas packed pa yung nutrients inside my personally prepared sandwich! I don’t know why are they acting like that, Pag kumakain naman ako kasama ibang friends hindi katulad nila mag re-act.


PS: I guess I need to post my diet from now on so I will just gladly say to them to visit this blog to understand my routine.




Frustrated Rosnof

2 thoughts on “Eats & Feels: Wednesday Hanash!!

  1. LOL it’s because unhealthy living is the norm in our society. People see something they’re not accustomed to so they react. Don’t worry about them, you’re here to improve yourself. Wait until they see the results and maybe they’ll stop laughing then.

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