Mt.Batulao Climb for A Cause


Mt.Batulao welcome sign

Mt.Batulao, A Very Special Climb – This Climb was organized for NHTA beneficiaries – less fortunate students whose number of classroom is not enough with their growing counts. We (Jai & I) were approached by our officemate Tin Sismundo (which is also our gym,hiking and running buddy) and asked our help in organizing this Climb for A Cause for the said beneficiary(ies). We talked about what, when, where and all other concerns about the climb at the office during breaks, at the gym while working out or while running outside. We planned the hike supposedly on April 1, 2016 but we all have other commitments made so we moved it to April 9, 2016, a two weeks preparation is just enough. We then contacted our van master Faye to make our transportation hassle-free!

At the back of my mind, I wanted to help but the question is “Can we “really” do it?” Hiking has been one of our cross training every weekend possible. Either we joined the other hiking group or do it on our own. Planning an event like this is no other like any DIY hikes we’re doing. But hey, there is no turning back, we’ve been called and the only way is to answer the call and move forward!



The weather was
April 9, 2016. A sunny day – ideal for hiking!


How I (we) travelled
Rented a van from Starmall straight to Mt.Batulao’s Jump off c/o Faye our Van Master


Where I (we) went/ What I saw

Day hikeable, Mt.Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas



What / Where I (we) ate

There is no lunch provided on this hike, we just advised all the hikers to pack their own lunch.

Special Purchases
None but souvenir stores present at the Jump off like Dri-fit shirts.

Unforgettable Moment / What I enjoyed Most

Before reaching the summit, a short rope segment must be passed – rappelling! It’s a must before reaching the summit. That segment is kind of a steep wall of rocks and not all of the hikers have the same upper body strength so the locals there put a rope to assist the other hikers for a safer climb.

  • Views. I also enjoyed the view of Mt.Batulao’s ridges. It looks beautiful in pictures but the feeling of hiking it and seeing it close up is indescribable.
  • Loose Sand. I will not forget the loose sand of Mt.Batulao that day! As the wind blew so as the loose sand on the ground thus affecting the vision of the one behind you. The countless tripped moments along the trail, its due to the loose sand! I enjoy running downhill but the ground is not capable of holding you still even though you’re stopping your steps – almost skidding!

My first time hiking this mountain was during last quarter of 2015 so its ground is kind of moist since it was rainy season.

  • The unlimited Uphills and Downhills.It’s a continuous ridge so expect the trail to be up and down and up and down and so on.
  • My Feet Hurts!I trusted, again, my sandugo styx but I did not wear any sock so a lot of blisters and calluses are the newly addition to my feet.


    With Sandugo Styx

Hiker’s Note:

  • There is no water source along the trail but sari-sari stores are present. Their buko juice ranges from P25-40. Softdrinks for P30.
  • Mt.Batulao is an open mountain, apply and re-apply your sun block. Wear your protective eye gears. Face mask is a must especially during the summer.
  • Take note of your steps especially on those single-line-trail cliffs. You might die if you fall, seriously!
  • I don’t recommend this hike for those who have fear of heights.
  • CR’s are present at the jump off. Its P25 per timba/balde. I only paid P10 for changing my clothes, yes I’m not the ligo type. Yuck!
  • Guide is not required.



All info about our event is here. Participants, Estimated Itenerary, Reminders etc. All pictures are here.



With Drinking Buddy – Chao


The Whole Team


Fish Ball Side trip w/ Faye


Thanks sa lahat na nag Sponsor. HAHAH! #GirlsWhoAkyat

And a Shout out!


Being the scribe of the group, here’s our ACTUAL logs during the Mt.Batulao hike.

  • 430am Ride out from Starmall along Edsa
  • 520am Arrived at Sta.Rosa Exit [pick up other hikers]
  • 525am back again at SLEX
  • 640am Arrived at Hillcrest, Nasugbu, Batangas. [Mt.Batulao Jump off]
    Getting ready, checking of things, Prayer
  • 655am Start Trek – Ascend [Old Trail]
  • 715am Arrived at 1st Registration
    Water break, rest, Pictures
  • 725am out from 1st Registration
  • 755am Arrived at 1st Sari-sari store
    Water Break
  • 900am Arrived at last Stop Over before going to Summit
    Water break, Rest, Trail Food
  • 915am out from last Stop Over before going to Summit
  • 1030am Arrived at Rope Segment shortly before Summit
    Picture taking, waiting line for “rope” usage
  • 1031am Arrived at Summit, Camp 10
    Picture taking, group picture, rest, socials
  • 1125am Start Descent [New Trail]
  • 1230am Arrived at Lunch Spot
    Ate lunch and Halo-halo, rest, Token/Gift from Tin given to everyone
  • 150pm out from Lunch Spot
  • 300pm Arrived at Jump off
    Tidy up, Rest, Shower, pack up, Socials, Pictures
  • 450pm out from Hillcrest otw to Tagaytay for Side trip
    Early dinner
  • 650pm out from mahogany Tagaytay otw to Cubao
  • 845pm Arrived at Robinson’s Galleria

~2hours&10minutes – Starmall to Hillcrest
~3hours&25minutes – Ascend
~2 hours – Descend [lunch break excluded]
~2 hours – Tagaytay to Edsa – Robinson’s Galleria



Thank you sa lahat ng sumama sa hike. Naka hike ka na, naka tulong ka pa! Bonus na yung additional friends! Nice hiking with you guys! Wait for the Leg 2 (oops!) HAHAH! Takits sa Trail! 


BTLW38“A group is as strong as its weakest member.” Thank you Lord for guiding us along the trail, for giving us good weather that day and not letting any harm happened to us. Thank You for making us capable of being a channel of Your blessings to those in need – not only in monetary terms but also in our physical state and especially in filling our hearts’ content and intention to help. You are truly the GREATEST and BEST PROVIDER! We climbed for the Next Generation!




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