(FUN OR FLOP) RUN: Nike Women’s Half Marathon Manila 2016


Event Host Details
May 15,2016  P2700/pair 21km.Starting Line at Blue Bay Mall of Asia and Finish Line at Island Cove in Kawit Cavite via Cavitex.


inuvpqrRunner’s Records
Half-Marathon (Yay!)


Morning Runs for 30minutes ~ 3x a week.
Carb loading 1 week before the event
Body conditioning mainly Cardio workouts


The Nike’s registration is via online and credit card ONLY. A captain and a Buddy must be assigned between a pair. Once decided, the captain account should make the account details first for the both of them on which they (Captain and Buddy) will be using for the follow up registration. Yes, labo nu? 

Anyhow, reservation of Spot started last February. My buddy, Angel, and I reserved a spot immediately. It was late April or early May that the Nike informed all the participants about the claiming of race kits. Galing diba?


Feeling after Running
Disappointed. Yes I finished the race and what do I get? No Medal, No finisher Shirt! Only a locket.


Enough with formalities. Here’s the highlight of this post:

Runner’s Notes&Feels&Rants

Kudos to Coach Rio. Again, super hands on sya sa run. From Moa to Cavitex I can see him on his scooter routing and guiding the runners. And thank you for drafting this kind of Run and Swim on this Nike Event. Please don’t ever do this on any of your Run United Events. It’s a Flop!

  • Nike sent out weekly work out program for all the participants, Kudos!
  • Gatorade and Maynilad Water on every water station – a Run United signature!
  • Their pacers were really good! They continue to motivate the runners until the end!
  • The gun started at exactly 4:30am. It was kind of late. Considering that the race distance was 21km and their cut off was 9am. The Heat!!!!!

I joined the 7 Eleven Run 2016 last January and their 21km category started at 2:00am. Yes, 7 Eleven Cares. 

  • No news about the singlet design or finisher’s shirt design routing around their event page, facebook page or anywhere in the internet. It was late April or early May that the Nike e-mailed all the participants about the claiming of the race kits. They even asked about our leggings size during the registration process.

Nag expect ata ako masyado dahil sa brand na “NIKE” 

  • After crossing the finish line. I felt excited on the finisher shirt. It’s because of the last year’s run. All of the participants received a total of 2 drifit shirts after the run. I was surprised and amazed, THERE WAS NONE! Matutong wag mag expect.
  • A slimmest and right most portion in Cavitex was taken by the runners but the Cavitex can be passed by that day.

In 7 Eleven Run last January, both lanes of the Skyway were reserved for us. That justified their Pricing of 800Php for my 16km and ~1k+ for 21km. 

  • I felt super disappointed on their baggage system. They have tagged their booth with “ENDING WITH 1” but your baggage number wasn’t ending with 1 or your bib number either. So what’s the purpose of tagging their baggage booths with that??
  • Matitiis ko pa yung kung anu mang amoy ng Bay na nadaanan naming mga runners, but the Heat! WHAT THE HELL! So I’m thinking its the runners fault for not training in all weather especially under the sun?  This Nike event, they insisted on wearing the singlet since the race bib number is printed on it. So sunog na mukha mo, sunog pa likod mo! I’m not nag iinarte, Nagbibilad ako sa araw kapag nagbibike pero covered buo kong katawan dahil nga sa tindi ng init ng araw. Please read UV exposure here.
  • I waited for more than half an hour just to get my things. I was advised by their marshal in Blue Bay (where we deposited our bags) to look for Baggage Booth #8 when I arrived at Island Cove. So, after crossing the finish line, due to my other commitment, I’m in a hurry to pick up my bag and to get off. In my dismay, not every baggage was arrived! Paano, kasi naharang yung shuttle/service nung baggage sa cavitex due to this RUN!

Here’s the scene at their baggage counter:

Runner: Ate this baggage number please 333330?

Ate: Nakikita nyo po ba dito bag nyo? Pakituro nalang.



Baggage pa more!!


  • My photographer friends, Jai and Jao rode the shuttle. Pero na stranded rin sila dahil rin dun sa RUN! No route was reserved para dun sa Shuttle ng baggage and sa friends/family ng runners.


See their rant page here. HAHAH!




Thank You sa lahat ng support and Cheers! Team awtdoor addicts and Amkor family! Sa Family ko esp. sa Nanay kong nag tataka bakit pinapatay ko ang katawan ko, “Buhay Pa Ako,Ma!” kay Lord dahil hindi nya ako pinabayaang mag give-up, Lakas!



I’ve been in Fun Runs lately, alam kong from that P1350/head na Registration fee, We, the runners, deserve better! And I don’t think the Island Cove’s Pool can accommodate that 4000 runners.




rosnof on RU2


You walk your talk, I run mine! – rosnof


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