A normal person’s everyday life includes arguments. No matter how small or large is that. I personally got arguments pretty well with almost anyone. I’m more of a pacifist but I can be a war freak so long as my side is on the line. I’ve been on my not-so-much-on-the-mood recently since a lot of happenings these past few months really put
my wits till the end.
I’ve been caught of guard almost 2 times in a row for just a single week and I’m admitting that I (always) bursted out in an instant. Why? because I felt I’ve been snatched out my freedom to react, to decide, to feel, and to sa NO.

Starting from now, I’ll be smarter, I won’t allow anything (or anyone) snatch something (or someone) away from me. I wanna do something for myself, not to solicit
an approval and/or favor from others.

Not all instructions must be followed. Some must be broken.” -Rosnof




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