PhotoG: Spooktacular Treats @ CITC

Hello there! Just as the upcoming All Saints’ & Souls’ Holiday, the pile-of-work-due-to-holiday loads, the rush(es), and the typical everyday work routine, Our good-hearted office decided to celebrate the said season with the Kids! Yep, you read that right, with the Kids!



Set_up: Reception Area


What happened next? Memo here, memo there, planning here, planning there, execute here, execute there, then TADAAAA! The First ever Spooktacular Treats for kids happened last night (10.29.16). The mechanics are simple, the employees just need to dress up their kids and bring their own Trick-or-Treat pumpkin or simply a Tote bag. Heheh!



Kids at the Activity Area

The  program flowed smoothly just as planned.

First, the kids were assembled at the activity area followed by the opening prayer, welcoming remarks hosted by Gly and the treats solicitation around the office.





And lastly the Awarding of the Best in Costumes, Male&Female Category:



This event wouldn’t be possible without each and everyone’s participation and willingness to help in making this event successful.



R&D and DGA Dept.


Kudos to: All the Parents, Titos and Titas of Manila, Planning Team, Execution Team, Support Team, also for those who answered in monetary terms, solicitations, and many more! And to God for filling our hearts with so much generosity as Yours!


*See complete album here.

*For planning concerns, please contact #TeamTurtlebiks Aileen & Cha , follow their official hashtag: #TeamTurtleBiks  . See also Safari Themed Party by them!





Fr. Theo in his character



“There’s NO Trick here, must we say this as treat-and-treat?” :p  -Rosnof


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