MAYDAY MAYDAY: A Biker’s Post-Traumatic Feels

It was a typical lazy afternoon that day, Nov.1,2016 and I’m pretty gearing up for tomorrow’s office day. Until later that afternoon around 5pm that me and my friend decided to eat Isaw at Isaw Haus – Cainta. I brought my Cannondale Trail 7 and my friend, her car.

After we eat, we asked for their Guard on duty to assist us in crossing along the Highway at around 6:10pm, Isaw Haus is along the side of Antipolo Bound and we need to be on the other side – Ortigas Bound. The Guard on duty willingly assisted us. He bravely shielded his body and waved his hand to signal the upcoming motorists to stop thus, made our way. I saw all the vehicles from 1st, 2nd and 3rd lane stopped so its time for us to cross. I pedaled my Mountain bike and my friend geared her car until we approached that last lane (on the same lane – Antipolo Bound) and a Truck is clearly making his way through. That truck is continuously pressing his horn to give them the way EVEN THOUGH we were already crossing that time and all of the motorist along the 1st up to 3rd lane already stopped. Luckily my friend was able to hit her brakes and I saw her car onto sudden stopped that made it recoiled back and forth. The thing is, I continued to cross since the Guard safely secured our way. The truck continuously get passed the Guard until I heard its tire creaks and that truck hit me. *BLAG*

We caused commotion on both Antipolo and Ortigas bound. After I get hit, I immediately checked my knees if I can still move them. Thank God I can feel them!! I tried to stand and made a success out of it, I then picked up my bike and put it aside. Still in Awe, Panic and Shock, I can’t speak that moment, it was until some of the motorist swearing and cursing the driver and his assistant (Pahinante),that brought me back to that scene. Rage flows through me!

It was then we cross and stayed out of the way to avoid traffic. The Guard on duty at Isaw Haus suggested that he’ll call the Officers in charge there. Officers from Barangay San Isidro (can’t recall if there were 4 or 6 officers) responded quickly and asked questions about that incident. After that, I already get a picture of his Driver’s License. The officers also asked the Driver’s employment. Mr. Driver said he works at “Royal Cold Storage” which the Officer seconded that he (officer) knows it and they’re still the OIC on where that Company is located.

The Driver was saying he didn’t saw us crossing, that he thought the jeep on the other lane was just unloading a passenger.”SO, SA GITNA TALAGA MAGBABABA YUNG JEEP?!! So yung mga private vehicle on the 1st and 2nd lane just decided to make that highway a parking space???!!” 

And, while the Driver was being apologetic to me, his assistant, Pahinante, keep on insisting to the Officers that “Nothing happened. No damage on the truck!” .And that is when I finally burst “Ano ba Kuya gusto mo, Bumengkong yung bumber ng truck nyo at Tumilapon ako sa malayo para masabing may nangyari??!!” That Pahinante keep on insisting his “REALITY” and my patience meets it limit. That’s the time I decided I will not negotiate with them!!

The driver said they need to deliver their goods, so we agreed to  first deliver the load of the truck on Royal Cold Storage by the Driver with a Barangay Official with him while his Pahinante will go along with us at Barangay. My bike was pedaled by one of the officers and upon loading, he also said that [verbatim]Ma’am may Tama nga itong bike mo.” Around 7:00pm, The rest of the officers scouted us to Barangay San Isidro to write some agreement since Brgy.Officer named “Dodi” said [verbatim] “Hindi na ho natin mapapaakyat sa PNP yan, mabuti pa aregluhin nyo nalang dito sa Barangay” *that hinted me something at the back of my mind

My other friends also arrived at Barangay San Isidro and that is when the blabbering of that Pahinante stopped. Fist Aid was applied to me by my friend. We agreed that the Driver will pay all the incurred bills and damages I get. I felt that the Driver will serve his words and that’s why I returned his Driver’s License to him. We separate our ways from Barangay. Me and my friend straightly went to Mission Hospital at Pasig City to get an X-Ray examination just to verify if there were no more damages on my knees.

The day after, I texted my bills on this Driver and he paid it immediately. I then discussed to him the damages on my bike. That is when his tone changed. I felt that he thought the damages he’ll just pay is the X-Ray. Now, I lost hope on him. He suggested that he’ll only pay half and the half will be on me.  What the hell?!! 

I reached the Royal Cold Storage via phone. I went straight to their “Operations Department” Mr.Anthony (God Knows Who) said that they didn’t have any data bases of their Trucking Lines so he cannot point on where that Driver works. Mr.Anthony forwarded me to their HR and the HR also said that they don’t have any data base of their Third party Truck Lines. That’s when I gave up, what a Bunch of Fools!!!! If you don’t have any data base of your Third Party Trucking then why is your SOP on just a simple question “WHERE DO YOU WORK”  points to you?!

His boss (from Agency??) said that the company will not cover the expenses done by their driver since the truck is Physically undamaged. [Sounds fam,right?”] that “wala naman nangyari” automatically replayed on my mind.

Once again, I tried reaching him until on the phone and we reached a point where he said this [verbatim] “Buti nga yan lang yung nangyari sayo” And I was taken aback, What The Hell????

He said (Driver) he will pay it up bit by bit, P1,000.00 a month since he has a lot of other bills, food, family etcetera etcetera. So sya may binabayarang bills, ako wala?? As of  now,I don’t think he’ll pay up anymore. Gone with the wind. If he pays up, good. If not, then God Bless his Soul. Sana mabusog ang mga sikmura ng pamilyang pinapakain nya.

I lost faith on those drivers that think Bikers are nothing as less than them. I’m also a driver myself and I don’t think that way. It takes one to know one.

In the verge of death, this is how they treated me. I don’t know what they’ll do if they[or their loved ones] were on my shoes.

Biker’s Note:

Thank God I’m alive! My legs are still working so I think that I can still bike, run, ride, hike, the same way as before.

I’m still at post traumatic phase but still the need to get up every morning,Sucks right? That driver is working healthily and I’m the one handicapped but I’m the one forgiving and he’s just what? Who knows!! I don’t even know if I can ever ride a bike again.

The hell of a problem with the “Agency System” , when an Employee commit an avoidable problem, why would he not say the Truth on where he works?

The Royal Cold Storage didn’t offer or assured anything on me. They just shut their office in my face. What the Heck?! 

I’ve been riding my bike for more than 2 years, participating in Races, enjoying the mountains with it, I  won’t simply stumble on a Highway just to what,I simply fell asleep out of isaw??

Before I get Hit with that truck, I felt that slow-mo happening on the movies.

Kahit gaano ka pa ka-ingat may mga PUTANG INANG DRIVER ang babarubal sayo.

Bakit hindi gawing re-enactment ang insidente, sila tumawid ako ang sasagasa at ako ang magsasabi na “WALA NAMAN NANGYARI KUYA”

Just to give heads up if you encounter the same incident like this, WAG PAIRALIN ANG AWA! Just get their License until everything is settled.





Professional Driver’s License Reysil Talucod


His statement


visible bruises (right leg)

“Ikaw na ang umunawa, ikaw pa ang Kawawa.”

– Rosnof

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