MOVIE: Dr. Strange

Before I proceed, just a little Disclaimer: I’ve been watching movies for almost like I could remember back on my elementary days (2000) but I did’t pay any attention on all about it just before we really need to Produce a movie as a requirement on one of our Courses in college (2012). After that, a whole lot more things just opened up my eyes on movies. First things are: Title, The main Plot, the Characters, Cinematography, effects, the catch, etcetera etcetera. But what always caught my attention are the Cuts on each scene, the effectiveness of the Villain and the Lesson learned on it or the message on what that Story aims to relay or to imply (if its an open ended type).

So, if I don’t have a run or any trainings scheduled, I just scan through my Hard drive the movie titles and look for their ratings first before playing it. Why? Cause I have a tons of movies and TV shows waiting to be seen so I don’t wanna waste my time on a movie that’s not worth it. Just kidding, I just wanna maximize my 2-hour and squeeze in a good movie out of it. For the record, I’ve been avoiding on staying in front of our television for more than 4 hours. Why? It always got me sleepy and lazy. I actually can’t believe how can a person do a movie marathon for 5hours (or more!) straightly. I can do a marathon but with mini breaks in between, a nap it is. So can you imagine, you’re just couching on your sofa for a 2-hours movie and your break is a nap? What a lazy butt you have! -Rosnof, the Outdoor side of me speaking.

To give my response on the movie: Dr.Strange,

Just like any other Marvel movies on which they introduced a Character,  here, Dr. Strange’s personal life story was built a little bit insufficient. It’s like the people need to know him first from the comic version, How bout those who didnt’t? The villain also appeared like a minor character if they decided to showcase Kaecilius as he was in the movie. “Emphasizing the main character depends on how effective is the acting villain.” Of course we all know he’s not the main villain [prequel] so why don’t just preview  a little bit of the main Villain and let the viewers be hooked. Aside from that, everything especially the effects are great!



PHOTOS: Grabbed from Google search






Cloak of Levitation

In addition, “This movie made me realize the importance of apprenticeship. No matter how good you are and/or you’re the only one best shape fitted for a role, there will come a time that you’ll need a helping hand.
A time that you can’t handle everything, a time that you yourself is the one asking and seeking the same role you’re doing.” -Rosnof


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