Phenomenal Opportunity: Career Growth

This is not my first time to speak on a crowd but this time, it’s different. For me, it’s the most satisfying experience that’s worth sharing. Personally, I like to read or listen to something worth investing my time. I simply enjoy learning! (Not a nerd though). I didn’t imagine that soon it would be me speaking and empowering others, specifically speaking – my office mates.

“Thank You’s” to:



As I’ve been saying on my previous posts, I’m not great of a speaker. Because of the following reasons :

  • I’m a shy type (hehe)
  • Introvert
  • I feel awkward to be around with people
  • Not so friendly human being
  • So wapakels on my surroundings and lastly,
  •  I’m a technical person

During my 3rd to 4th year in College, I’ve been having difficulties in communicating with people outside my “kina-gisnang” circle or simply put, non-technical people.

I get accustomed to people who explains everything in an equation, or in a step by step solutions, or proven rules like of robotics, magnetism, or different laws like of inertia, gravity, etcetera or whoever/whatever different theories behind how a specific thing existed or why it must be done. Imagine me talking to you saying “Ah dahil sa 3rd law of inertia kaya naging negative yung force so macacancel out sya sa negative effect of gravity so magiging blah blah blah..”  😂  Some will understand but not all! And maybe some already raised their perfectly-lined eyebrows after hearing the 3rd to 5th words from the italicized word given.

I realized my shortcomings first when I had my OJT interview, of course the interviewer is not a technical person. I admit that interview didn’t go well but I got accepted anyway. I think the HR personnel have that tolerance with technical person or they expect less “sociable outcome” out of technical person? Please someone confirm this.

That’s when I said to myself that I need to practice my soft skills for a great and bright future ahead of me (Aww. So optimist side of me! That’s  me speaking, not tasted yet the real world). So, I thought of ways on how to improve myself like, I need to surround myself of non technical people and interact with them regularly, I need to read books! (I hate it), I need to watch more out of sci-fi categories and more on jologs themed Filipino RomCom.


  • I’ve been exposed in technical writing so bear with my writing skills. I’m under construction.
  • I hate reading!!! Being the world so cruel, we can’t do whatever we please so there are things we must do even if we don’t want to. Sucks, right?
  • Shout out to Kratos!
  • Experience-wise, Way to Go Rosnof!


“You are doing now what you don’t even know a year ago. Never stop learning!” -Rosnof

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