PhotoG: Happy Christening Baby Rocco!

Sunday, February 19,2017. God has given us a drizzling and Blessed day  – Christening Celebration of Baby Rocco!

The day started by attending a seminar for the baby’s Ninongs and Ninangs by the catechist. The catechist reminded everyone, including me, the importance of Christening or Baptism. Baptism symbolizes the receiving of God’s grace and freeing us out of our ancestor’s birth sins. Ninongs and Ninangs stood there to act as the God-parent of the child they were with. They were tasked in charge to remind the child that they were baptized as a Roman Catholic and must act a a living example in sigt of the child. get was when the Catechist reminded us that the Baptism Date is more important than the birth date.












We then proceed at the venue to continue Baby Rocco’s Christening celebration. The place was decorated simply by #TeamTurtleBiks . We filled our stomach and filled each others with stories, laughter and good memories.






Externals: Thank you(s) and ShoutOut(s):

  • #TeamTurtleBiks   for recommending Rosnof as the Event Photographer.
  • Villa Family for trusting me on Baby Rocco’s Christening.
  • For the whole event’s photo coverage, please see it here.


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Happy Christening Baby Rocco!


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