E.C.E. License Renewal – Process & Personal Experiences

What is it about license renewal? Why do we need it? Do we really need it?

After we graduate and passed the Board Exam, next is the first 3-years of our newbie “Engineer” experiences. This 3-years might be our make-it-or-break-it decision whether do we really need to re-new our license or not.

Graduation – Yay!

Board Exam – Yay!

License Renewal – Yay!

Professional E.C.E – Nay! 

Studying and passing the board exam is not that simple. Maybe some of us want to renew their license because they cherish all the hardships they encountered along the way, but aside from looking from the past, why don’t we look into the future?

Many organizations, establishments, company, etc. now is looking for P.E.C.E.s that is,  Professional Electronics Engineer. Why? It is because they are the only one who is eligible for signing the papers! Of course, legal papers concerning our profession. You may recall our beloved R.A.9292 for your reference. In order for you to be qualified to sign any legal documents, of course you must be an EXPERT that is why 7-years of continuous practice as Electronics Engineer is one of the requirements for you to be a qualified Professional Electronics Engineer – P.E.C.E.  Since the (ECE) license validity is only 3-years, you really need to re-new that license if you aim that P.E.C.E in your name.

If you also, like me, aim to have that PECE extension in your name, please feel free to be guided by these steps as I renewed my license.

For easier understanding of the flow, here’s the process flow behind:


  • License Renewal may only be transacted through P.R.C. It’s only a payment renewal of the I.D. after the COGS is issued.
  • First you must be a bonafide member of I.E.C.E.P . IECEP booths are present right away your oath taking, just be sure to carry a picture with you and application fee. If you are not yet a member, be a member! It’s a must! All Electronics Technician and Electronics Engineers must be an IECEP member. This is not the same IECEP org on your University though.
  • Basically the only thing we needed before the renewal process is the C.O.G.S. Certificate of Good Standing from our accredited organization, that is, the IECEP.
  • C.O.G.S. will just be released (by IECEP) to us, after attending their Seminars and or other’s seminars
  • If you attended Non-IECEP seminars, that’s where the bloody process begins.

My Actual Experiences:

  • I attended the IECEP’s 65th AGM 2015 and 66th AGM 2016 but my CPD points is only around 34CPD so I need to apply the remaining required points, 11CPD, as self directed. Self-directed CPD points may come from technical seminars you attended/facilitated.
  • Self-directed CPD, LEVEL1, became the most painful PAIN IN MY ASS during my process. Why? In applying of self Directed CPD, you need to follow these. STRICTLY!
    • You need to fill them. Just like a summarized version of your seminars attended/facilitated that needs to be accredited. After I accomplished my copy, I went, again, at PRC to forward these documents. To my dismay, another requirements arises!!
      • What caught me unprepared was that the attachment needed for that “SUMMARY of CPE/CPD Activities” Unfortunately it was not enough! For everyone’s convenience, each seminar needs (1)Signed Outline of the Seminar whether you conducted it or ask it from the facilitator, (2)Attendance Sheet, (3) last and a must is the Certification. Here’s a sample of mine:
      • It took me almost 1 week to finish the needed attachment on my seminars! I need to recall the attendance sheets from our HRD. I also contacted the speakers of some seminars I attended (SINCE I NEED THEIR SEMINAR OUTLINE, ATTENDANCE RECORD, ETC.!!) I went, again, at PRC to forward my completed document. I included 3 seminars and each seminar you will pay 500.00 pesos. So a total of  P1500.00 and that was November 25,2016 and I was advised that the self-accreditation will take about 30 days. That is, so I’m expecting it to be done at around December 25, 2016. Since its already the last Quarter, I did not contact them the rest of the 2016 thinking its a busy season for them. I came back, again, at PRC at around first week of January 2017. To my dismay, my “SUMMARY” has been already filled with its corresponding CPD points but there is no signature yet, in short it was still PENDING at that time. My expiration date is JANUARY 17,2017. I always made a follow up until my birthday came and still my application was not okay. First and Second week of February came and still nothing, it was around February 28,2017 I was notified that my application was already signed and I can go and claim it.
      • I was so happy since the LEVEL 1 of license renewal, after 3 MONTHS, was turned out okay. But upon arrival at PRC, my contact person there was UNFORTUNATELY out for a seminar. Her colleagues cannot find my certificates. They were throwing questions if I really got my documents signed. “YES ITS ALREADY BEEN SIGNED, AFTER 3 MONTHS!” I waited. They searched. I waited. They searched. The next thing I remember was me going home empty handed.
      • I came back at PRC around MARCH 2017 thinking “Siguro naman nandon na yung certificate.” Having 1 month time allowance after the last PAASA incident and to think I’m leaving my office for the Nth time! (Maybe my boss doubting if I really doing my renewal or applying for other company, who knows.)At last, I got them! From November 2016 up to March 2017, it was pretty clear, 4 MONTHS waiting time for my certificates to be verified and accredited. I got 40CPD points. 16CPD from seminars I attended and 24CPD from seminar I conducted. LEVEL 1 CLEARED!
      • My next step was to go to IECEP SHAW to get my COGS that exact same day [SEIZE THE DAY!] and I’m really looking forward in claiming my COGS! I traveled From PRC Manila to IECEP Shaw, to my dismay, AGAIN, the IECEP renewal I signed up for at the IECEP AGM 2016 Convention was registered to IECEP MANILA CHAPTER (which is beside PRC), so I need to travel again to Manila, Sucks right? The good thing was,  IECEP at Shaw is where the printing of IECEP Membership ID’s and my ID was not yet printed. The IECEP personnel at SHAW was so accommodating in connecting my case with IECEP Manila. LUCKILY I have my IECEP Membership Renewal Receipt that day thus I got my printed IECEP ID right there but the COGS was not released instead I settled with IECEP Manila if I can send the documents through online so the COGS can be released to me. So I send some of my accredited seminars plus the Two IECEP AGM 2015 and 2016 I attended. Since I only needed around 11CPD points, I forwarded the 16CPD Points. That solves my 45CPS requirements for the renewal. It was done and I got my COGS finally! March 24,2017.LEVEL 2 CLEARED.sllmbak
  • The actual LICENSE RENEWAL starts NOW! LEVEL 3. The License renewal now can be settled via online. Yes. They posted some notifications at the walls inside and outside PRC to make awareness of the ONLINE process and they even have Service Centers at malls! Just like LTO and DFA, right?
    • hlitriy
  • For The online process, you must have PICTURE (soft copy) and an online mode Payment. Luckily I have everything on hand. The online process was actually pretty quick ~20minutes. I have my Picture and make use of my BPI account for this. I paid P550.96 for the License renewal.
    • f47u29r
    • I booked at one of their Service Centers at Robinson’s Galleria, its closer to work than the PRC MANILA. Printed my stub and brought my COGS on my appointment date.
    • wmarpuu
    • I arrived at Galleria on my appointed date and in less than 1 hour upon my arrival, I got my Renewed License. I just logged my name on their logbook, they verified my scheduled time, payment, and picture. Then, LEVEL 3 CLEARED!

Blogger’s Notes:

  • I applied 3 seminars and paid P1500 (500.00×3) and got a total of 40CPD points. I only used 16CPD (since I only need 11). I got 24CPD points left for my next renewal. I will use it and hopefully they credit it for my next renewal, 2020, since I only used the 16CPD.
  • It is advisable to attend the IECEP AGM to avoid the hassle of  self-accrediting. The actual License renewal is online which can be accomplished within half an hour.
  • Don’t forget the picture on the online process. They strictly monitoring it. It is advisable to take a photo just like for a passport. If not, you will be rejected upon your ID claiming. You will be advised to take a photo at a studio and scan it so to avoid the hassle, just take my advice.
  • As I waited there at PRC Galleria, I’m silently thinking “Ano na naman kayang ka-hassle-an ang magaganap today!” Luckily there’s none!
  • P1300 for IECEP membership renewal (every 3 years)
  • P500/training or seminar accreditation (Mine at P1500)
  • P550 for Online License renewal process
  • You must have unlimited number of leaves!!!
  • I don’t know how other professions renewed their License. Is their any Protocol? Is the License Renewal been standardized?
  • Some says “Bayad bayad lang yan!” When I come to think between each processes I accomplished, where can it possibly make it shorter by just simply slipping some money? The PRC is so strict with the Renewal now! SERIOUSLY.

“We can’t break the rules but what will we follow if the rules does not exist?” -Rosnof

36 thoughts on “E.C.E. License Renewal – Process & Personal Experiences

    1. Hi Joie. Yes, nagpa credit ako ng 3 certs, ang total nila ay 40pts. 🙂 Malaki ang points if facilitator / resource speaker ka ng training / seminar. 24pts as per RA9292.


  1. Hi rosnof,
    I took an online course (MOOC), pwd ba yun ipa-accredit for renewal? 5 week online course, my certificate naman. how would i know if ilang points meron dun sa course? i already have 26 points ksi.


    1. Pwede ipa credit for renewal. 🙂 Ang points nyan, sila mismo mag dedecide upon releasing (yung aabutin ng 30 working days) depende rin kung gaano ka technical. Typical kapag course malaki. Baka macover na nyan yung kulang mo or sobra pa.


  2. Nice and detailed post! May idea na kami sa proseso and requirements ng renewal ngayong 2018.

    Sa aming mga seniors, masyadong mahirap at magastos na tong proseso ng pagrenew ng ID. Most of us, ginagamit lang yung ID as a government ID. It’s not worth it. Sabi mo nga, kailangan ng madaming leaves.

    May ka-batch ako na nagtatrabaho sa semicon at top 10 sa board during our time, never siya nag-renew ng ID.


    1. Welcome Sir Adrian! Let’s go for 45CPD 🙂
      Swerte naman ng kabatch nyo sir. Personal preference nalang nangyayari sa renewal ng IDs natin nowadays. Pero I believe one day, lahat ng renewal processes will all be worth it. Have a great day Sir!


      1. In Semicon Industry we don’t need it, we don’t get any benefits from it. Compare to the pain of renewing the ID plus the financial/time burden, its not worth it. After all, what is IECEP in the face of International semicon Companies/professionals??? even if you are working with IT industry, no bearing. I like the President of the Phils to review the current system going-ON with this thing, its actually one way of corruption. Better to have Masteral degree and Doctorate which does not expire. They wanted the license to be like consumable, so you renew it with money every 3 yirs!!! with unreasonable way of how to renew it. Thanks for the post.


      2. IECEP is not that much known and recognized internationally, that’s correct. But IECEP helps and guide it’s members to be known internationally. That’s why pinupush po tayo ng Organization natin to have an ASEAN, APEC, ACPER, and other international certifications to be known globally. Si IECEP din po ang nakikipagtulungan kay PRC sa mga screening ng ECE applicants for that certifications. That certification also requires CPD points. Kaya nga po “CPD is Life”. 🙂
        Once you got that certifications your name will be:
        Engr. Juan dela Cruz, PECE, ASEAN, APEC, ACPE,





      1. Sir Jerry, passing the Electronics Engineering Board and being an RECE is a privilege and pre-requisite sya to acquire PECE license. Kaya nga po if active member ka rin ng IECEP, if ECT ka, ipupush ka nila na mag ECE.

        Applying din for PECE ay hindi lang po para mag pasa ng thesis, may series of interviews din yan and recommendations from other PECEs. Ang pagiging PECE po is not for permits lang. To gain that license, maraming trainings and certifications ang tinatake nila at hindi lang para maghintay ng 7 years.

        Tama rin kayo na kapag nasunog ang isang building, may pananagutan ang PECE KUNG may namatay na residents dahil hindi nagwork properly ang fire alarm pati na rin mga interfacing sa paging system to provide evacuation messages/notification alarm sa mga tao inside the building. Yari ang PECE na pumirma at nagaccept ng system na ininstall ng mga contractor. Having a PECE license is not a privilege, it’s a RESPONSIBILITY. Kaya malaki ang professional fees ng PECE dahil sila ang makukulong at magbabayad ng fines if may mangyari sa design nila.

        Ganun din sa pagpasok ng mga IT related items sa bansa, PECE pa rin ang pumipirma, kung may makalusot na smuggled at illegal IT products, yari nanaman ang naka-pirma na PECE.

        PS: Ang ECT license po ay nagagamit sa Broadcast. Try nyo po hintayin mag sign-off yung mga stations sa TV, puro po sila ECT. 🙂

        PPS: Isinusulong na rin po ng IECEP sa Fire Brigade natin na kailangang ECT rin ang installers ng Fire Alarm Systems. Malapit na po maapprove yun. Kakailanganin na rin ng signature nyo. 🙂

        PPPS: Attend and be active sa IECEP para informed po tayo sa piniling profession natin. 🙂



  4. im a address to all swapang na PECE..we the PRC,Registered Professional as Registered Electronics Technicians are also Practice of Electronics Engineering…we are all graduate in 5 yrs in schooling in college, mali po na hindi kami graduate ng engineering.Bakit, minaliit nyo po kami mga Sir/Madam as mga Reg.ECT.., forke, Technician lang po license namin? Alam po namin maging PECE ,without examination lang po kayo .thru..technical experience..how about copya lang nyong thesis nyo sa ibang tao,sabihin nyo 7yrs.expert na kayo. ang expext lang na gustong manyari ng mga PECE ay sulohin yong signatory sa plano,electronics permit at iba pa na hindi naman sila ang gumagawa sa field,installer at contractor..nakakahihiya naman po. Yan ba ang tinuturo sa inyong batas na aagawing ang design at trabaho sa ibang tao na katulad din nyo professionals…mahiya naman po kayo . sana po bigyan nyo ng pansin ang mga REG.ECT…Dahil po kami ang totoong tao na gumagawa ,designer at troubleshooter sa constructions…One thing,Bakit ba tatawagin kayong Professional electronics engr. mali kaagad ang profession nyo…Bakit ba ang Reg. electronics engineer hindi ba professional? kaya nga nagkalitsi-litsi ang profession natin ginawa pa ng Tatlo, ginaya nyo ang batas ng electrical at mechanical, kaya ngayon lahat agawan ng pagkain pero gustong sulohin ng isa na may tatak na PROFESSIONAL…kaya naging swapang


  5. What if wala talagang CPD points Ma,am, may pag asa ba na marerenew yung license? let say halimbawa sa barko nagtrabaho, o hindi nagpractise ng profession na posibleng hindi makakaattend sa mga trainings and seminars


    1. Hi Toni Facul, pwedeng makakuha ng points sa mga trainings / seminars ng company or outside ng company. Self accredidatation sya.
      Kulang ako ng points so nag pa accredit ako ng seminar (Non IECEP). So kahit hindi IECEP yung seminar na technical ay pwedeng makuhaan ng points.


  6. Hi Ms. Rosnof, Just want to ask if you know the CPD limit of “Self Generated CPD Points”, if probable na makumpleto ang 45 points just thru that.



    1. Hi TechCrumbs, nung nag apply ako wala pa silang limit na sinet. Pero recently may nakikita akong posts na possible limitahan. Sana fake news, kasi may mga Professionals na hindi lahat nakaka attend sa IECEP seminars.


      1. Ang limit lang po is yung certificate should be at least 3 years from the date na mag-renew ka ng profession mo. Kahit po umabot ka ng 100 CPD points, ok lang po kasi babayaran mo pa rin po yun and 45 lang din ang macredit sayo. Hindi nga po pala ma-carry over yung sobrang 55 points for the next renewal. Sana na nga lang may “Pasa-CPD-points” or “Share-a-CPD-points” na promo. LOL!



  7. Pano kung di maka attend ng seminar at wala ring trainings kasi sa ibang bansa madalas me training yung mga regular employees pero wala yung mga contractors, so ibig sabihin hindi n kami makaka renew?


    1. Pwede nyo po ipa accredit yung seminars outside ng company. Basta may inattendnan na technical seminar. Kung walang inattendnan na seminar, wala rin po ipapa accredit. Wala rin makukuhang CPD points. Kaya important po umattend ng technical seminar, mapa iecep man or non-iecep.


    2. Sir, sa mga nag-wowork po sa ibang bansa, approach nyo po yung IECEP Chapter sa bansa kung saan kayo nagwowork, if meron. Like me, I am working here in QATAR, I completed 50 CPD points sa mga pinoprovide nila na technical seminars. May AGM at Mid-Year conventions din sila na pinoprovide. If wala, try to attend other organization’s training na related sa field mo and sa ECE, and submit it for self accreditation. Thanks!


  8. Good Day po!

    Pano po sa case ko na di po member ng IECEP pero gusto ko po mairenew yung License ko po… May naattendan naman ako na 1 non-IECEP seminar… Makakapagrenew po ba ako…

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi gigigi, pwede naman anytime magpa member sa IECEP then go for renewal.. Need lang mabayaran yung dues every renewal.. It starts from the year na nakapasa ka sa Board Exam.


  9. “We can’t break the rules but what will we follow if the rules does not exist?” -Rosnof

    We can actually break the rules if its already outdated and unfitted, rules are guidelines for perfection. It is timebounded as well so it can expire, if rules does not exist yet outside our minds then we can use the rules inside our hearths, the conscience rule… which I almost always follow — John Lemmon


  10. “My next step was to go to IECEP SHAW to get my COGS that exact same day [SEIZE THE DAY!] and I’m really looking forward in claiming my COGS! I traveled From PRC Manila to IECEP Shaw, to my dismay, AGAIN, the IECEP renewal I signed up for at the IECEP AGM 2016 Convention was registered to IECEP MANILA CHAPTER”

    Hello, so yung IECEP seminar certificates, dapat sa Chapter kung saan ka nka register dapat e pasa (i.e IECEP Manila/QC)?
    Hindi sa IECEP Main sa Shaw?


    1. Hi. Not necessarily. Basta IECEP member ka e kikilalanin yung certificate mo at may points ito. Nag aattend ako ng seminars ng IECEP QC pero nasa Shaw ako member.


      1. May charities and foundations po si IECEP. 🙂

        Attend po kayo ng AGM and may Financial Report po sila palagi. 🙂

        Ipapakita po nila dun kung saan napupunta yung binabayad natin sa IECEP.


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