Food Processor : A must have on your Kitchen!


So, what is a Food Processor? A food processor is simply a kitchen appliance that processes food! Kidding aside, click here for wiki’s definition.

Everyday, I came across many kitchen appliances but this one makes the difference in preparing ‘your own’ meal, at least for me. Why? simply because it’s compact! With its size, you will not believe that it can perform some Mixing, Kneading, Slicing, Emulsifying, Chopping, Grating, Mincing, and many more tedious kitchen works using any other manual way! Each of the functions stated depends on the attachment or accessories of the model you chose which makes it ideal for the time-conscious millennials these days.

A typical food processor, approximate height might not exceed 50cm, it will look like this:

So the next time you swing by on your local or nearest appliances store, you might notice this small one on a side and might wanna know what its functions right? Here I posted some of the functions it can do.

On this type of food processor, the functions is dependent on the attachment it has. For example the slicing attachment where in Grating and Slicing (thin) can be done on this attachment. As seen, fineness of the sliced part of the carrots differs on different slicing attachment used. The one with holes on it can be used in grating (e.g. cheese) and the other one with a single blade make it ideal for thin slicing (e.g. mojos) or just chopping.


Slicing Discs


Next will be the Mixing. For example a Pancake batter, as based on photo below. Instead of manually mixing your basic ingredients like Powder, Eggs, and Butter, the Food Processor can mix everything well within 10seconds or less! You just have to put all the quantified ingredients inside the bowl. If you are uncertain on the ratios of your ingredients whether it can be emulsified or not, you can first start with a single ingredient then add slowly the next one so that you can track which ingredients needed some additional and which is enough.


While meat-grinding sounds like a powerful machine for meat cutting, this food processor can also be a meat grinder but let us simply call it Mincing. Mincing is chopping of ingredients in finest chop possible or up until what the user wants.

Chopped meat was feed on the bowl with the use of the slicing discs for thin slice (same on the carrots above) and then mixed inside. I placed all the other ingredients when my desired amount is met.


Slicing Blade


Food processor has many application and the limits will depend on the usage of the user. I personally advise food processor as a must-have appliance on your kitchen, it shortens the cutting, mincing and mixing of your ingredients which is the first step in cooking! Aside from those, there are many models that have Blender as their accessory, so a wider and more use of it. Yay!


Not convinced yet? Grab your own food processor and see it for yourself.





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