LIFE IN A SHIELD | Anong Ambag Mo?| A follow up blog to my Break-up Letter

” Bumili kana kasi ng bago “

These are the same exact words I always hear whenever someone noticed that my face shield is full of scratches.

Year 2020 really hits all of us differently, hard and BRUTAL! The reality of it is that all of us across all generations – young, adult, poor, wealthy, student, workforce, and front liners are experiencing this different level of stress.

Lockdowns and re-lockdowns are everywhere, no one can verify until how long will the fight for this Pandemic COVID-19 will go on, 3years? 5 years? 10years? 20 years?

Oh, by the way, as we close the year 2020, we are also reaching its first year anniversary. What are your thoughts about it?

Alongside with our PANDEMIC fight and social distancing, wearing of the combo: facemask and face shields is a must if ever you need to go outside (Please don’t, yet)

I’ve been working at the office (yes, not WFH!) since JUNE 2020. And as I get back on my work routine slowly, I also adjusted myself on the use of facemasks and face shields.

First, familiarization of wearing a facemask! Honestly, this is not a big adjustment for me, ever since I got my first bike and been on a bike-to-work mode since 2014. *wearing of facemask since ’14* really makes no difference today. I opted to use washable fabric face mask. Second, what hits different for me is the wearing of face shield, that plastic-thingy must be worn in every public (also some private) places.

Almost more than a year ago, I did a personal pledge – a breakup letter – to minimize my single-use plastic consumption on our lovely EARTH. I was happy with my personal campaign until wearing of face shield is mandatory.


But who cares about how I feel, right? Anyway, I also don’t have much of a choice either. The way I see it, face shield is the most effective in isolating one’s breath and saliva on spreading the virus. Oh, face shield also can guard yourself on touching anything within your face. This is a good and heavy point!

The main point of why I find it hard to wear a FACE SHIELD is that I worry about the PLASTIC material itself. PLASTIC! PLASTIC! PLASTIC! As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve been on this personal pledge to lessen my single-use plastic consumption, but I guess this really is unavoidable.

What I decided to do is simply to prolong the use of a face shield.

Ever since our office resumed last JUNE 2020, I only used 3 face shields until today of this writing (NOVEMBER 2020). I took care of the face shield I used just to stretch out its longevity – thus, minimizing my plastic consumption. I always wear my face shield outdoor and keep it on the safe place whenever I’m indoors.

I’m also not in dire need of clear face shield in a sense that my job is not dependent on how clear is my vision thru my face shield. Hmm, you know the gist of it. So, until my vision is not blinded by the face shield I’m currently wearing, I’m still gonna use it.

But I’m more surprised that there are people who really are bothered of my face shield, huh. Whenever I go outside, people keep staring at me [ at my face shield, lol ], also some officemates saying words “BUMILI KANA KASI NG BAGO” or “AYAW MO BANG PALITAN YAN?” Again, as long as I’m not blinded by my smeared face shield, I don’t care! My self drive towards lesser plastic consumption is stronger than your scrutinizing and judging eyes.


Maybe I’m not the only one with this on mind, there are also people who are concern on this plastic consumption about the face shields. So the next time you see someone with their face shield that is full of scratches/abrasion, before asking them AYAW MO BA PALITAN YAN ask yourself first:

ANONG AMBAG KO? in keeping mother earth of the plastic waste amidst our fight on this Pandemic.


  • Leave a different face shield on your car and for your office use – this will greatly help minimize your consumption.
  • Wear the facemask and face shield combo!
  • Social distancing!
  • Take a shower right away when you arrived at home.
  • Get plenty of sleep and take some vitamins.
  • DO YOUR LAUNDRY DAILY! Avoid repeating of clothes!
  • If you go outside frequently (like me), isolate your utensils and dishes at home!
  • write your feelings on a notebook / blog. Don’t let it bottle up inside you.


If not taken care of. these waste will be nightmare, soon. – rosnof

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