Food Processor : A must have on your Kitchen!


So, what is a Food Processor? A food processor is simply a kitchen appliance that processes food! Kidding aside, click here for wiki’s definition.

Everyday, I came across many kitchen appliances but this one makes the difference in preparing ‘your own’ meal, at least for me. Why? simply because it’s compact! With its size, you will not believe that it can perform some Mixing, Kneading, Slicing, Emulsifying, Chopping, Grating, Mincing, and many more tedious kitchen works using any other manual way! Each of the functions stated depends on the attachment or accessories of the model you chose which makes it ideal for the time-conscious millennials these days.

A typical food processor, approximate height might not exceed 50cm, it will look like this:

So the next time you swing by on your local or nearest appliances store, you might notice this small one on a side and might wanna know what its functions right? Here I posted some of the functions it can do.

On this type of food processor, the functions is dependent on the attachment it has. For example the slicing attachment where in Grating and Slicing (thin) can be done on this attachment. As seen, fineness of the sliced part of the carrots differs on different slicing attachment used. The one with holes on it can be used in grating (e.g. cheese) and the other one with a single blade make it ideal for thin slicing (e.g. mojos) or just chopping.


Slicing Discs


Next will be the Mixing. For example a Pancake batter, as based on photo below. Instead of manually mixing your basic ingredients like Powder, Eggs, and Butter, the Food Processor can mix everything well within 10seconds or less! You just have to put all the quantified ingredients inside the bowl. If you are uncertain on the ratios of your ingredients whether it can be emulsified or not, you can first start with a single ingredient then add slowly the next one so that you can track which ingredients needed some additional and which is enough.


While meat-grinding sounds like a powerful machine for meat cutting, this food processor can also be a meat grinder but let us simply call it Mincing. Mincing is chopping of ingredients in finest chop possible or up until what the user wants.

Chopped meat was feed on the bowl with the use of the slicing discs for thin slice (same on the carrots above) and then mixed inside. I placed all the other ingredients when my desired amount is met.


Slicing Blade


Food processor has many application and the limits will depend on the usage of the user. I personally advise food processor as a must-have appliance on your kitchen, it shortens the cutting, mincing and mixing of your ingredients which is the first step in cooking! Aside from those, there are many models that have Blender as their accessory, so a wider and more use of it. Yay!


Not convinced yet? Grab your own food processor and see it for yourself.





Eats & Feels: Wednesday Hanash!!

I’m gonna write this coz I’m too exhausted with the people’s reaction seeing what I eat.
As of today, Wednesday – April 6, 2016, marked the first week of my lowcarb-intake program. Why? I have to loose weight in order for me to increase my pace in running. You know, the typical small mass vs large mass will definitely result to a small mass having the advantage of faster pace thus cutting carbohydrates will surely a good bet.

I only eat my baon during our mirienda break – 4pm which is exactly 2hours before my workout.
Guess what! As I pulled my baon out and revealed my 4 precious hard boiled eggs, people around me (at office’s canteen) seems to loose their mind!
I know I don’t have or need to say this but for the record, I deserve those eggs! I need those protein after my workout. Okay lang sana kung mga healthy people ang magkaron sakin ng mga ganon looks but they’re not!! I don’t judge them on what they eat (healthy or unhealthy) but why are they reacting on mine? Is that really of a big deal???
Does eating egg (only) is a crime now? Sila nga makakain ng kanin, tinapay at pancit canton (super carbs) ng sabay sabay sa isang meal akala mo nag cacarbo loading for a long run.

As in natatawa sila sa kinakain kong itlog. Gulat na gulat na 4pcs ang kakainin ko everyday. Sige nga, ano naman pinag kakain nila? Just a bunch of junks. I don’t care if they’re treating their body like a trash can for eating trash(es) but please don’t make paki-alam on my food.

Wala kayong alam sa nararamdaman ko, sa program na ginagawa ko, sa mga kakainin ko, so please stop that judgy look you’ve got. It seems like I’m being an Alien for eating what truly my body needs.

The same experienced I get around them (people at the office) when eating my sandwich during lunch. Kanya-kanya pong diet. FYI mas packed pa yung nutrients inside my personally prepared sandwich! I don’t know why are they acting like that, Pag kumakain naman ako kasama ibang friends hindi katulad nila mag re-act.


PS: I guess I need to post my diet from now on so I will just gladly say to them to visit this blog to understand my routine.




Frustrated Rosnof

100 Things (about me) I would like to Share! Happy 2016!

As this post been in drafts for almost 2 months, I decided to finish it just rightly in time for welcoming 2016!
(Just kiddin! Tamad talaga ako mag proof read ng entries! 😂)

Here I am:
1. I can’t leave the house without water
2. I don’t like eating tomato plainly
3. I can survive a day or two without a phone
4. I am a bike-to-work commuter
5. I can’t leave the house without handkerchief
6. I don’t wear clothes/pants without pockets (dun ko nilalagay yung panyo ko)
7. I’m not a fan of socks. I DON’T really wear socks.
8. I love crocs! (inspite of their croc appearance, they’re comfortable! Esp. without socks)
9. I super love eggs. I can live my life eating only eggs.
10. I’m not a fan of nail polisher. They wear off anytime, baka nakakain ko na sila.
11. I’m keeping my nails short. Pumapasok ang dumi kapag mahabang kuko, nakaka hiya kapag nakita ng ibang tao.
12. I never had my hair colored / treated / anything to do with chemicals. Blower at plantsa lang.
13. I’m aiming to reach an 8 hours of sleep
14. I’m not a fan of cinemas – unless super fan ako ng movie on screen or Free passes! Hahah!
15. Nakakatulog ako sa gitna ng panunuod (cinemas or at home).
16. I’m a sleepyhead yung tipong masandal-tulog (in fact, naka tulog ako nung Board Exams ko 😂).
17. I have sensitive sense of smell
18. I don’t prefer any perfume. Its either odorless or smelling good (odormore!) Hahah!
19. I hate smelling bad odor (nakaka turn off)
20. I’m lazy. Kaya gusto ko tinatapos agad lahat ng gagawin.
21. I don’t like running – but I do it anyway
22. I don’t wear make up – yes, what you see is what you get. AS IS! Tapat na po!
23. I prefer flat closed shoes
24. Not a fan of heels (Im contented with my calves). I only use if neccessary.
25. I love wearing long sleeves or 3/4 shirts, tinatago ko kasi yung sunog kong balat.
26. I can’t talk continuously for 1hour. Napipiyok or napapaos na ako beyond 1 hour of talking.
27. I’m more of a listener
28. My family is not an “outside eater” they preferred preparing our own meals and eating at home – I have limited foodscapades because of this.
29. I can’t leave the house without my meal planned.
30. I never solved a rubik’s cube. I never own one.
31. My palms are warm. (They said) warm blooded animal??
32. Lagi akong nasisiraan ng payong (I welcome umbrella as a gift)
33. I don’t know how to smile.
34. I don’t write in cursive (I forgot how to)
35. I only drink hot coffee servings at coffee shopsNO to Frappe
36. I want the top and bottom slice of Gardenia
37. I turn the lights off when sleeping
38. I always check the time. For atleast 5x an hour
39. I don’t like pineapples (on my pizza)
40. I don’t want “sago” on my zagu drink
41. I prefer drifit over cotton
42. I take time in choosing what bread to eat at a bakeshop/bakery
43. I love soft and chewy crinkles
44. Wear seatbelt when I’m one driving – just trust me!!
45. I love dogs but I don’t own one – due to asthma history
46. Sakitin ako nung bata.
47. Hindi ako maarte sa pagkain
48. I keep track of my monthly expenses – nakaaiyak
49. I keep track of my time in and out at the office.
50. I’m not good at names.
51. I can sing but the song don’t want it to be sing by me. Hahah
52. Mabagal akong kumilos.
53. I can fall asleep right after I plunge at a bed.
54. I’m definitely a sleepy head
55. I’m not used in sleeping beside someone.
56. I can’t be woken up by a single tap.
57.  I can’t wear white colored clothes (ang hirap imaintain ng white)
58. I hate rushing things.
59. I can’t shop at ‘tiangge’ like in Divisoria (walang nagkakasyang damit sa akin)
60. I find it hard to find clothes at malls (isabay pa ang hassle na pila ng fitting rooms)
61. Madalas ako mag ulit ng damit. Why? Kadalasan  yung mga recently na ginamit yung nasa taas ng mga nakatupi so ayun yung nakukuha.
62. I am no fashionista – I don’t wear clothes and have a second look at a mirror. I only do this when buying the clothes. If it looks good, its good for the rest of my life.
63. I don’t buy the displayed clothes. Even if I so so so love the design and it was the last stock. I just don’t and move on.
64. I’m no fan of star wars, but I liked it.
65. I never got used in wearing uniforms.
66. I can’t swim.
67. I don’t do “beso” as greetings (due to skin to skin contact) – only in certain circumstances
68. I often go to CR due to my bladder issues
69. I’m too lazy to wear contact lenses
70. Definitely not a beach goer
71. Definitely not a mall goer
72. Country style’s triple chocolate boom
73. I can’t cross my legs without them getting numb for atleast 3minutes
74. I love caps but I dont wear them. They do not look good on me whatever I do.
75. I don’t play any sport. I’m not athletic.
76. I have a habit of looking someone’s eyes (esp when talking)
77. I’m scared of Knife
78. Spiderman Kiss
79. Green Lantern’s ring
80. Spy inspired movies and/or series
81. Geeky movies and/or series
82. SCI-FI movies and/or series
83. Marvel! (movies 😂)
84. DC! (movies 😂)
85. Not so much into selfies.
86. Quality of Sound more than loudness.
87. I love bananas
88. I love apples (sliced)
89. I’d love to eat seafoods
90. Not so much into social medias
91. Pop music would be nice
92. I don’t know how to dance but I’m trying
93. I love living my life aside from work (non workaholic)
94. I’m friendly
95. Typically well behaved when I’m at the crowd. Hahahah!
96. A huge chance grabber!
97. I hate being late.
98. I repeatedly listen to a song I currently like.
99. I liked driving a scooter.
100. More of a doer.


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Egg Post!

Just made this post to scream that I’m craving for eggs!

Well, I super love eggs! I don’t know why, they just satisfy my angry stomach. At breakfast buffets, I just go straight to their eggs’ station. I want to eat all of their eggs if only its allowed? (or normal)

I stopped (or more appropriate “consume less”) facing eggs since November, I think it is the culprit on my diet. So I’m on a less protein now. The last time I ate eggs was a week ago. I packed 8 pieces of hard boiled eggs during our hike at Mt.Pulag on November 28-30, 2015 but they got spoiled during the first day! I have no choice, even though it was against my will, I threw them away. I will not sacrifice my stomach’s state especially on the Mountains.

So now, I’m just a kid craving for eggs. I want to go to a buffet and eat just eggs but all of my friends are busy right now as of the Christmas Season is in the air. Guess I’ll just prepare it at home or grab otw.

Boiled, sunny side up, quail, kwek-kwek, penoy, balut, etcetera.


Saitama’s expression is what I’m feeling right now.