A Tough Cookie: 10 Years in the baking

The month of July 2018 has always been special to me because this marks the 10 year future I envisioned way back 2008.

So what really happened back on July 2008?

July 2008 had been our first term of our fresh year in College (Hi Batchmates!!). Meaning, the end of pabebe days and the start of developing our mindset towards the workplace. Just like all of the subjects (especially SLHS), they always starts with a written Vision of yourself 10 years from now. Sucks right? Yung wala ka pa sa mood mag aral pero ang tanungan ay pang future! It’s typically the:

“How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

The things is, I wrote a lot! “I wanted to be this, to be there, having these, etcetera..” but as I am now in 2018, looking back to all the things I wrote down my paper(s), I haven’t been at least at 1/4-th of everything I listed down. Do I feel sulky? Hell no! Why should I? I am not where I visioned myself before but I am in a position where the least I expect it.

Anyhow, the main focus of this post is what would I tell the younger me from future me the habits I should’ve developed at an earlier stage of my life:

READ AND UNDERSTAND. Back then, this was my most hated thing to do but as a student, reading and understanding are the skills that most of us must embrace. There were mathematical problems that composed of 3-5 (or more) sentences for you to solve, and each sentences affects how you formulate your working equation. In the workplace, the faster you think of a solution, the better. But how can you propose a solution if you cannot read and understand what is happening around?

SET YOUR MIND THAT CLASSES ARE LIKE MEETINGS. You cannot go to your class if you’re unprepared just like in a meeting! Read in advance about your topics so that you can join the class discussion. This improved my commitment issues.

FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! This can be heard often during on an interview-phase. Just leave it there, on the INTERVIEW! Once you get hired, you don’t need to ‘pretend’ that you know everything. As a fresh graduate, your officemates will have a considerable amount of patience for you. The rest for you to do is to look for people that is In-charge ( or on top, or have more experiences) of whatever problem you are not familiar with and approach them. Just remember all their inputs and you’re ready to go. If still having problems, just approach the person in charge again. You will be surprised how people in the workplace seems to enjoy “teaching” the younger generations and the feeling of “someone’s seeking for my professional advice” also boosts their morale.

TECHNICAL WRITING. If there is reading, there should also be writing. This is again one of the over-looked skill that must be developed earlier. Of course it can be learned anytime on our career, but the earlier you do it, the better. During my sophomore days, I bought a series of books about technical writing since a lot of our subjects requires us to write our findings out of the experiments in technical writing. So, what’s the importance? You will have data or graphs on your report/presentation but what good is it if you cannot interpret it in a shortest and precise description? That is, technical writing.

Additional Non-work related Tips:

DON’T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT. Just don’t mess around where you get your livelihoods. Our foods our sacred, where and how we get it, will surely be digested by us and our family.

FAITH>FAMILY>FITNESS>CAREER. Strengthen your faith. Protect your family. Treat your body well. Your career will follow. I think this parts differs on all of us, but this is it for me.

When your brain is overwhelmed with information, a physical movement is the best solution. Yes, go hit the pavement and run a kilometer. Your body will thank you for that.

OWN LESS OF TANGIBLE THINGS. The lesser you posses of tangible things, the lesser for you to get jealous of what others have.

Conscience is a b*tch! For a better sleep, always stick on the version of Truth. There is only one version of truth but many version of Lies.

A message for my future self: please write a more interesting experiences! I will wait for my 15th (2023) or my 20th (2028) excitedly!!


“Little in my life are the things that I like” -Rosnof

I’m being Haunted!

The vividness of things that I saw or experienced had put me in an advantage in almost everyday of my life. But there is this one drawback that I don’t wanna play in my mind again and again.

Whenever I’m preparing, (or stressed?) , or worried of something that might happen or will gonna happen, what I always do is to listen to music. I have to find a specific “chill” beat in order for me to feel at ease. I don’t care what the lyrics says but I have to find a beat. Once I found and listened to it, the flow of information on my mind magically patterned the same with the beat I’m hearing and that’s my cue! However, what I can’t control is the flow of my mind whenever I sleep. Yes, this is me dreaming! So the drawback I’m talking about is the vividness of the feelings I’ve been through (No, this is not an intro of a romantic story!)

It goes like this, I will wake up in my dream that I’m late on my class (I’m not a latecomer!) Sometimes it indicates time like I woke up at 8am and my class is on 7:30am. Sometimes it’s 10am and (still) missed my 7:30am morning class. What I don’t enjoy is this part of me “procrastinating” . The disappointment I felt in that dream is so much real that it traverses my real or current state when I wake up.

Sometimes the scenario is, I know that I already graduated but I still have courses left to take and finish (How come?) so I have to rush and finish my unfinished prototypes or practical exams while all my batchmates and classmates are finishly-finished. Again the disappointment I felt in that dream is so much real! It’s like I took back a few years and I can see and/or feel what my past self had felt.

It’s like the future-me is reaching out to past-me. Or is it the past-me haunting the future-me? Which is which?

What about the exams? Of all things, why I have to re-live my Exams? It felt like I’ve been caught off guard and a quiz was about to begin without the past-me at least scanned her notes. The anxiousness is so much vivid!

Or my dreams have other meaning? Maybe it’s time for me to study, AGAIN? Or take my Masters? Woa.

Or Is it just a Trauma in exams? Or Board exams? The pressure I’ve felt during my Mapua days is reverberating through these dreams.



MOVIE: Dr. Strange

Before I proceed, just a little Disclaimer: I’ve been watching movies for almost like I could remember back on my elementary days (2000) but I did’t pay any attention on all about it just before we really need to Produce a movie as a requirement on one of our Courses in college (2012). After that, a whole lot more things just opened up my eyes on movies. First things are: Title, The main Plot, the Characters, Cinematography, effects, the catch, etcetera etcetera. But what always caught my attention are the Cuts on each scene, the effectiveness of the Villain and the Lesson learned on it or the message on what that Story aims to relay or to imply (if its an open ended type).

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MAYDAY MAYDAY: A Biker’s Post-Traumatic Feels

It was a typical lazy afternoon that day, Nov.1,2016 and I’m pretty gearing up for tomorrow’s office day. Until later that afternoon around 5pm that me and my friend decided to eat Isaw at Isaw Haus – Cainta. I brought my Cannondale Trail 7 and my friend, her car.

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Daily Prompt: Volunteer

Stop finding a reason to an unreasonable happening or thing or even a person. Growing up is not always taking the blame alone. Instead, you become a volunteer! A volunteer who accepts everything is not under his/her control but is ready to take full responsibility.


“Develop that ability to do what is necessary.” -Rosnof



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Daily Prompt: Waiting

I like spending time with things I love to do like Read, talk to people, run, biking, movies, eating and many more. The one thing I hated most is waiting. I can wait if I know what lies ahead or whatever it is to expect
or what I’m getting at the end line the boring part of “waiting” is the wasted time I consumed. I don’t like that. A wasted time for me is the same as wasted energy, wasted youth, and wasted experience, wasted chance, wasted opportunity. For me, what’ll
matter most is the experience. And how am I able to get an experience if I’m just staying at the same place over and over, right?
“Experience is the best Teacher!”-Rosnof





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Daily Prompt: Clumsy

Clumsiness is one of the cutest thing a person can be. It challenges you on how can you escape the awkwardness you’re in if you do a thing horribly.

It tests the creativity on you on how to exit a scene smoothly.


“Don’t fret. Don’t look back. Everybody did that mistake. Move forward.” – Rosnof





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