Daily Prompt: Promises

The best promises you’re ever gonna make starts with the one you make with yourself. As what they say, Promises are meant to be brokenWhy? Cause they hypocritically believe in that line!

Missing a lot of promises lately? Whether it’s your or their fault?  Just simply need to reset everything and make progress step by step. To have value on your own words, keep a promise with yourself and slowly trust the others to make theirs.

“Put value on your own words so others will.” – Rosnof




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Daily Prompt: Original

I have this one Professor, I’d like to name him Professor Y, back in College. He’s weird in many ways, the way he talks, he walks, he lectures, everything about him is kinda out of place since a lot of (or almost) all of my other Professors have the same ways of teaching.

When I graduted, later that I realized the originality of Professor Y. He’s teaching us what to expect in real life back then and we’re clueless like “What the hell is he talking about?” Now that I’m a little grown up, I half-assed understood what he was lecturing ages ago.

Now, I’m thinking on how to become that kind of Teacher! I like his ways! I don’t want the teacher-in-a-classroom type but the one who able to teach what the real battle is.

“True mark of a leader is not on how much knowedge his studets get from him. It’s how much his students want to become like him.” -Rosnof




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Don’t be Greedy!


Are set of words wherein everybody wants to be soaked in. It’s where some of us gets our confidence. But as what the word flattery means, its just an excessive praise. Who the hell needs the “excess” of anything? Only the Greedy one!

Be foolish. Be Hungry. Not Greedy.” -Rosnof




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Challenge yourself

Lot of people say to you that you have to be careful on doing things.
I have these support groups that I consider on asking some advise or for them to guide me on what to do next in almost every aspect of my life in addition to the love and guidance I get from my family.

Our lives does not need to be scripted. If you always know what’s gonna happen next, well “Where’s the thrill on that?”

We don’t have to be so much careless in this world. We just have to be willing to learn something new. To challenge ourselves that we always can. To grow and learn.

PS – We are not alone. Big Bro is up there.

Living the famous line “Charge it on experience!”

“Be careful not careless” -Rosnof






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A Pacifist.

A normal person’s everyday life includes arguments. No matter how small or large is that. I personally got arguments pretty well with almost anyone. I’m more of a pacifist but I can be a war freak so long as my side is on the line. I’ve been on my not-so-much-on-the-mood recently since a lot of happenings these past few months really put
my wits till the end.
I’ve been caught of guard almost 2 times in a row for just a single week and I’m admitting that I (always) bursted out in an instant. Why? because I felt I’ve been snatched out my freedom to react, to decide, to feel, and to sa NO.

Starting from now, I’ll be smarter, I won’t allow anything (or anyone) snatch something (or someone) away from me. I wanna do something for myself, not to solicit
an approval and/or favor from others.

Not all instructions must be followed. Some must be broken.” -Rosnof




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Eats & Feels: Wednesday Hanash!!

I’m gonna write this coz I’m too exhausted with the people’s reaction seeing what I eat.
As of today, Wednesday – April 6, 2016, marked the first week of my lowcarb-intake program. Why? I have to loose weight in order for me to increase my pace in running. You know, the typical small mass vs large mass will definitely result to a small mass having the advantage of faster pace thus cutting carbohydrates will surely a good bet.

I only eat my baon during our mirienda break – 4pm which is exactly 2hours before my workout.
Guess what! As I pulled my baon out and revealed my 4 precious hard boiled eggs, people around me (at office’s canteen) seems to loose their mind!
I know I don’t have or need to say this but for the record, I deserve those eggs! I need those protein after my workout. Okay lang sana kung mga healthy people ang magkaron sakin ng mga ganon looks but they’re not!! I don’t judge them on what they eat (healthy or unhealthy) but why are they reacting on mine? Is that really of a big deal???
Does eating egg (only) is a crime now? Sila nga makakain ng kanin, tinapay at pancit canton (super carbs) ng sabay sabay sa isang meal akala mo nag cacarbo loading for a long run.

As in natatawa sila sa kinakain kong itlog. Gulat na gulat na 4pcs ang kakainin ko everyday. Sige nga, ano naman pinag kakain nila? Just a bunch of junks. I don’t care if they’re treating their body like a trash can for eating trash(es) but please don’t make paki-alam on my food.

Wala kayong alam sa nararamdaman ko, sa program na ginagawa ko, sa mga kakainin ko, so please stop that judgy look you’ve got. It seems like I’m being an Alien for eating what truly my body needs.

The same experienced I get around them (people at the office) when eating my sandwich during lunch. Kanya-kanya pong diet. FYI mas packed pa yung nutrients inside my personally prepared sandwich! I don’t know why are they acting like that, Pag kumakain naman ako kasama ibang friends hindi katulad nila mag re-act.


PS: I guess I need to post my diet from now on so I will just gladly say to them to visit this blog to understand my routine.




Frustrated Rosnof

Monday Hanash! Grown Up responsibilitites.

As I write my “feels” on a daily basis, this day, April 4,2016 (Monday) marked my unfortunate(est) Monday so far.

That hashtag Manic Monday does not apply to me. Yes, I just treated my Mondays like any other day. But this one (today), stands out!

When I woke up this morning, I felt a little bit nervous, just like the feeling of you remembering you forgot to do your homework. Sana nga lang simpleng homework lang yung nakaligtaan ko. Madaling habulin, madaling ayusin. But its not! Its a life-changing kind of “homework.”

Why it bothers me? Simply because its not my own life. Okay lang sana if buhay ko ma aaffect sa gagawing decision, I can take all the blame if I failed or made some adjustments and improvisation pero hindi eh. Its like being a Court Judge but you do not want to pass the sentence at the end OR  being Pontius Pilate who orders Christ’s execution based on the crowds’ demand OR being the Hitman for the benefit of a large organization. I hate it when someone decides for me just as I decide for someone else’s.

In the end, I did that fucking decision kahit labag sa Loob, the decision that can affect relationships, trust, friendship, family, and many more!


I hate it when someone says “Trabaho lang, walang personalan!” but in this case, in this decision, I, myself, is actually saying those lines! As in “WTF!” sa pakiramdam! Everything is personal, seriously!!!!!

Unang araw palang hina-hunt na ako ng konsensya ko. I think this decision will hunt me forever! Is this how the Grown Up decision making will ever be? Can it be just like Im-gonna-run-or-gym-kind of decision?

Being strong does not necessarily mean I have to be heartless. Being sensitive does not mean weakness.


Missing biking at the road.

I’ve been summarizing all my mile(ages) of my cannondale mountain bike and as of today, my distance will typically range to let’s say 40km’s per week with a total of approximately 80kms (40×2) for the second week of March. It fell based from my January and February records. 😦

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Feels : Missing Rides