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MAYDAY MAYDAY: A Biker’s Post-Traumatic Feels

It was a typical lazy afternoon that day, Nov.1,2016 and I'm pretty gearing up for tomorrow's office day. Until later that afternoon around 5pm that me and my friend decided to eat Isaw at Isaw Haus - Cainta. I brought my... Continue Reading →

One of the most important days of my life was when I learned to ride a bicycle. -Michael Palin  

Missing biking at the road. I've been summarizing all my mile(ages) of my cannondale mountain bike and as of today, my distance will typically range to let's say 40km's per week with a total of approximately 80kms (40x2) for the second week... Continue Reading →

Shout Out: Kuya Dante

Just wanted to Say Thanks to Kuya Dante. I met him on my 'padyak' way to Timberland. We met each other on our way to Wall 1 and took different spot to rest. Upon half way of Wall 2, we... Continue Reading →

Joined: Women’s Open Category 7-Eleven Trail 2016

Event Host Details 7 Eleven – Trail 2016, February 21, 2016 SUNDAY at Timberland Heights, San Mateo Rizal and 1500 Bikers joined the Trail event. Biker's Records (STRAVA based) My first Bike Trail – 39.5km Moving Time – 4:56:59 Elevation Gain – 914M... Continue Reading →

Shout Out: 7 Eleven

Just a shout out post for 7 Eleven. They have become my run-to store especially during long rides or a training run around the metro. There are 7 Eleven stores almost every corner of the streets that provides every customer's... Continue Reading →


        I’ve been riding my bike for more than a year now and ever since I bought this mountain bike Cannondale Trail 7 (re-vamped) almost 60% of my commute life is now via this non-expensive-2-wheels-motor-less ride. Well, to... Continue Reading →

Biking X Shifting Gears

When I got my bike and tried it for just a quick ride, I don't take seriously what shifting gears is for. When my rides gets farther that's when I really appreciate my gears. Well, just like shifting gears in... Continue Reading →

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