PhotoG: Spooktacular Treats @ CITC

Hello there! Just as the upcoming All Saints’ & Souls’ Holiday, the pile-of-work-due-to-holiday loads, the rush(es), and the typical everyday work routine, Our good-hearted office decided to celebrate the said season with the Kids! Yep, you read that right, with the Kids! Continue reading “PhotoG: Spooktacular Treats @ CITC”

PhotoG: Marco’s B2B Safari Celebration

July 10, 2016 Sunday. Marilao, Bulacan.

After all the rainy days during the weekdays on the first week of July, we were all very blessed that God had given us a wonderful and great sunshine on that particular Sunday to Celebrate Baby Marco’s 2nd Birthday and Baptismal.

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Photographed: Leg 3 of Conquer Trail Adventure Series 2016



As I wanted (for so long) to try Trail Running, my other commitment(s) keeps on conflicting with my weekends
so I do not really have that time to try Trail Running. Im keeping my weekends dedicated for long runs as per RUPM on October 2, 2016 Yay 42km! Mag ma-marathon si Ati!  But as my curiosity arise, I just wanted to see how the Trail Runners (future me, hello!) prepare for their Run, the Do’s and Don’ts during the race day, and what to expect on the trail so I approached my Trail Runner friend JAI that I wanted to take photos on his next Trail Run and he agreed and said his next Trail Run is on April 17,2016 The 3rd Leg of Conquer Trail Adventure Series and he also (later on) informed the Race Director of my assistance in picture taking. Of course trail running is literally running on a trail, what Im more concern is the practicalities as a (future) Trail Runner myself. I’m really excited on this event!!

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