Which is Which: A quick Guide on how to Choose your Domestic Appliances

I’ve been in Electronics industry which focuses on Domestic Appliances, for more than two years. What I really love on what I do is the knowledge I get everytime I open up an appliance to study it physically outside and how inside’s electric circuitry works. I check the product’s quality and compare it with the local standards. Once the product is Up for production, I must make sure that the particular appliance can enter the Philippine market complying the mandated standards.

What this post will be about is not so much the technicalities of the appliance (which is my job) but more on the End User’s POV. So, before buying your appliance/s, you must check the following:

  • First is the Quality. See and touch the appliance physically even if “Effortless Shopping” is in boom right now.
  •  Second, you must consider the attachment / accessories that comes with it. In talking about ANY appliances, the accessories define itself among its competitors especially the stand-alone models. Though, the more accessories you have doesn’t mean it’s the most fantastic among the rest.
  • Third, is the Power Wattage, you might wanna look on the appliance’s rating label alongside with its accessories. Let’s say a stand-alone 1.5L capacity blender with a rating of 500Watts and a Food Processor with 500Watts rating having also a 1.5L Blender attachment. Based from the given, both the units have a 500Watts rating but the other one is a Food Processor with Blender attachment compared to the plain old stand-alone Blender.
  • Fourth is the “Made in_____” Appliances having a tag of “Made in China” does not mean it’s cheap in quality. Almost everything now is made / assembled in China. Get on with it! If it passed your taste in Quality, it must be good and sufficient for your usage.
  • Fifth is the Box designs. Many of you might ask “Why? What’s with the box?” There are a lot of similar products already exists in the Market. Maybe that box is the tie breaker of all! For example, the box might have a built-in handle compared to others. You will be now thinking to choose the appliance with built-in handle for ease of carrying it. In addition, all the features of the products are already printed on the box.
  • So, what if the appliances are displayed without their box? That’s where a P.O.P. will get you. Sixth is, Look for POP’s. POP means “Point of Purchase” These are the things that you see on a series of displays that speaks the main feature of the unit itself. No more Promodiser’s lenghty explanation needed, POP’s are direct to the appliance’s selling point.
  • Seventh, look for the compactness and cuteness of the whole unit. Cos everyone likes it cute!

“If you must delicately choose the specs of your phone, so does your appliances. ” -Rosnof

Phenomenal Opportunity: Career Growth

This is not my first time to speak on a crowd but this time, it’s different. For me, it’s the most satisfying experience that’s worth sharing. Personally, I like to read or listen to something worth investing my time. I simply enjoy learning! (Not a nerd though). I didn’t imagine that soon it would be me speaking and empowering others, specifically speaking – my office mates.

“Thank You’s” to:



As I’ve been saying on my previous posts, I’m not great of a speaker. Because of the following reasons :

  • I’m a shy type (hehe)
  • Introvert
  • I feel awkward to be around with people
  • Not so friendly human being
  • So wapakels on my surroundings and lastly,
  •  I’m a technical person

During my 3rd to 4th year in College, I’ve been having difficulties in communicating with people outside my “kina-gisnang” circle or simply put, non-technical people.

I get accustomed to people who explains everything in an equation, or in a step by step solutions, or proven rules like of robotics, magnetism, or different laws like of inertia, gravity, etcetera or whoever/whatever different theories behind how a specific thing existed or why it must be done. Imagine me talking to you saying “Ah dahil sa 3rd law of inertia kaya naging negative yung force so macacancel out sya sa negative effect of gravity so magiging blah blah blah..”  😂  Some will understand but not all! And maybe some already raised their perfectly-lined eyebrows after hearing the 3rd to 5th words from the italicized word given.

I realized my shortcomings first when I had my OJT interview, of course the interviewer is not a technical person. I admit that interview didn’t go well but I got accepted anyway. I think the HR personnel have that tolerance with technical person or they expect less “sociable outcome” out of technical person? Please someone confirm this.

That’s when I said to myself that I need to practice my soft skills for a great and bright future ahead of me (Aww. So optimist side of me! That’s  me speaking, not tasted yet the real world). So, I thought of ways on how to improve myself like, I need to surround myself of non technical people and interact with them regularly, I need to read books! (I hate it), I need to watch more out of sci-fi categories and more on jologs themed Filipino RomCom.


  • I’ve been exposed in technical writing so bear with my writing skills. I’m under construction.
  • I hate reading!!! Being the world so cruel, we can’t do whatever we please so there are things we must do even if we don’t want to. Sucks, right?
  • Shout out to Kratos!
  • Experience-wise, Way to Go Rosnof!


“You are doing now what you don’t even know a year ago. Never stop learning!” -Rosnof

I’m being Haunted!

The vividness of things that I saw or experienced had put me in an advantage in almost everyday of my life. But there is this one drawback that I don’t wanna play in my mind again and again.

Whenever I’m preparing, (or stressed?) , or worried of something that might happen or will gonna happen, what I always do is to listen to music. I have to find a specific “chill” beat in order for me to feel at ease. I don’t care what the lyrics says but I have to find a beat. Once I found and listened to it, the flow of information on my mind magically patterned the same with the beat I’m hearing and that’s my cue! However, what I can’t control is the flow of my mind whenever I sleep. Yes, this is me dreaming! So the drawback I’m talking about is the vividness of the feelings I’ve been through (No, this is not an intro of a romantic story!)

It goes like this, I will wake up in my dream that I’m late on my class (I’m not a latecomer!) Sometimes it indicates time like I woke up at 8am and my class is on 7:30am. Sometimes it’s 10am and (still) missed my 7:30am morning class. What I don’t enjoy is this part of me “procrastinating” . The disappointment I felt in that dream is so much real that it traverses my real or current state when I wake up.

Sometimes the scenario is, I know that I already graduated but I still have courses left to take and finish (How come?) so I have to rush and finish my unfinished prototypes or practical exams while all my batchmates and classmates are finishly-finished. Again the disappointment I felt in that dream is so much real! It’s like I took back a few years and I can see and/or feel what my past self had felt.

It’s like the future-me is reaching out to past-me. Or is it the past-me haunting the future-me? Which is which?

What about the exams? Of all things, why I have to re-live my Exams? It felt like I’ve been caught off guard and a quiz was about to begin without the past-me at least scanned her notes. The anxiousness is so much vivid!

Or my dreams have other meaning? Maybe it’s time for me to study, AGAIN? Or take my Masters? Woa.

Or Is it just a Trauma in exams? Or Board exams? The pressure I’ve felt during my Mapua days is reverberating through these dreams.



Random: What I really do while you talk to Me

Whenever I talk to someone, I always:

  • Look on to his/her eyes (Just me trying to identify their color) 
  • I only focus on the left eye to be consistent (Choose a side! Not both!) 
  • Find Moles on his/her face (I count it of course!) 
  • Smelling his/her breath (this is so unintentional!) If I step back while he/she/you talk, that’s me smelling something bad. I don’t wanna be rude but I can’t help it.

And lastly, I listen to what he/she is talking about. 

Commute is Life: LRT Line 2 in my perspective way back 2008

How often do you ride a bus? A train? or Driving your own car? As I finished my High School, all the things I experienced seemed new to me especially the commute part. There were times that I can’t go out without my parents since I am not accustomed going out “alone” but as soon as I entered College, I have no choice but to embrace the urban commute life for a span of more than 4 years.

I studied at MIT, Mapua Institute of Technology located inside the magical walls of Intramuros Manila while I live at Cainta. Though not the farthest distance any student can have, it was for me since I am a newbie in commuting.

Most of my commute life in College was via Train. Yep. That’s the LRT Line-2(Santolan-Recto) line. So, here’s my typical routine: I will buy my Stored Value Card during Mondays that I think will lasts until my Saturday class, and then brand new card again for the next week! Tadaaaaa! Not only that, what I enjoyed most during the trip is the “chill pace” inside the train. I can read my notes, review for exams, scan the news, I can even take a nap (if I have a seat) or just plainly listen to music.

Until one day, one of my minor course (i’m still a Frosh that time, 2008) just allowed us to scribble something out while she’s ( Professor) gone. Anything under the sun, an idea, an upgrade or whatever we want to improve within our daily lives. What I got? “A wifi connection on LRT Lines” I don’t have any major subject in Electronics Engineering or Communications Engineering that time since I’m still on my First year. All I know was, it’ll happen, someday!

As to date, I’m now working and still I can’t wait for that to happen. Now it’s 2017, we all have our phones that have data connections that can transcends to digital world but we are doing it independently. What if a big Communication Company sponsored a free wifi along the Routes on the train (not only on the stations) ? Isn’t it a big Public Apperance on their name? Some of the buses have free wifi now, why the trains can’t? Imagine a daily scene on a train where students panic because they forgot something on their notes, they can just search it on Google! No more  trees to be cut for free “Libre” news paper giveaways on stations, they can just search the News! ….. And many more Pros of internet.



Here’s some of my topics related in improving my Train Experiences, way back 2008:

*Free wifi on the train. This will also boost the number of riders on a daily basis. I only hope the LRT management can handle it.

*Unlimited Storage capacity for the stored value card. It always gets me, the Manic Monday and the line of ticketing booth is way too long to handle! – It’s been answered! it’s the beep card, isn’t? I don’t need the beep card now since I don’t ride the train on my way to work, But I got one with P500 worth inside!

*Make the Stored Value Card reloadable. – It’s again the beep card today. But What if I can reload my card anywhere? Not only exclusive from the Train Stations/Bayad Centers? What if a Telco company can offer it as an E-Load?

*Or make the Stored Value Card reloadable digitally via Deposit from a Bank? Make the Beep card one of the Merchant of a specific Bank? I think this will be a plus point for a Parent who wants to monitor their kids. They can just transfer a fund on the card of their kids.

*A single card that can use across all Train and Buses (Just like in other countries) – Again the beep card. But not all of the Bus is compatible with a beep Card. Few beep card buses are already roving.

*Offer a “Car Parking” Business on/near LRT stations. Why? The trip on the train itself is easy, but what if I don’t live near the station? My actual travel time from home to Lrt2 – Santolan Station is approximately 1hour( Santolan To Recto is only ~30minutes). Not because of the traffic but due to No available single-ride straight from home to the station or vice versa. Even if I drive a car, still the fastest and most “chill” pace is the Train. I’m willing to drive from Home to LRT but not from Home to School vv and on a daily basis! Also, I don’t have a car 😂 .  – I think the Uber/Grab’s existence helped a little on this.

“It’s been 9 years since I thought of some silly ideas. Some already happened, some’s not yet. But I do believe it will eventually happen” ~Rosnof

MOVIE: Dr. Strange

Before I proceed, just a little Disclaimer: I’ve been watching movies for almost like I could remember back on my elementary days (2000) but I did’t pay any attention on all about it just before we really need to Produce a movie as a requirement on one of our Courses in college (2012). After that, a whole lot more things just opened up my eyes on movies. First things are: Title, The main Plot, the Characters, Cinematography, effects, the catch, etcetera etcetera. But what always caught my attention are the Cuts on each scene, the effectiveness of the Villain and the Lesson learned on it or the message on what that Story aims to relay or to imply (if its an open ended type).

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MAYDAY MAYDAY: A Biker’s Post-Traumatic Feels

It was a typical lazy afternoon that day, Nov.1,2016 and I’m pretty gearing up for tomorrow’s office day. Until later that afternoon around 5pm that me and my friend decided to eat Isaw at Isaw Haus – Cainta. I brought my Cannondale Trail 7 and my friend, her car.

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PhotoG: Spooktacular Treats @ CITC

Hello there! Just as the upcoming All Saints’ & Souls’ Holiday, the pile-of-work-due-to-holiday loads, the rush(es), and the typical everyday work routine, Our good-hearted office decided to celebrate the said season with the Kids! Yep, you read that right, with the Kids! Continue reading “PhotoG: Spooktacular Treats @ CITC”

Daily Prompt: Volunteer

Stop finding a reason to an unreasonable happening or thing or even a person. Growing up is not always taking the blame alone. Instead, you become a volunteer! A volunteer who accepts everything is not under his/her control but is ready to take full responsibility.


“Develop that ability to do what is necessary.” -Rosnof



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Daily Prompt: Waiting

I like spending time with things I love to do like Read, talk to people, run, biking, movies, eating and many more. The one thing I hated most is waiting. I can wait if I know what lies ahead or whatever it is to expect
or what I’m getting at the end line the boring part of “waiting” is the wasted time I consumed. I don’t like that. A wasted time for me is the same as wasted energy, wasted youth, and wasted experience, wasted chance, wasted opportunity. For me, what’ll
matter most is the experience. And how am I able to get an experience if I’m just staying at the same place over and over, right?
“Experience is the best Teacher!”-Rosnof





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