(FUN OR FLOP) RUN: Nike Women’s Half Marathon Manila 2016


Event Host Details
May 15,2016  P2700/pair 21km.Starting Line at Blue Bay Mall of Asia and Finish Line at Island Cove in Kawit Cavite via Cavitex.


inuvpqrRunner’s Records
Half-Marathon (Yay!)


Morning Runs for 30minutes ~ 3x a week.
Carb loading 1 week before the event
Body conditioning mainly Cardio workouts

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Run: Joining A Buddy Run


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nike picture


Details: May15,2016 Cavitex P2700/pair 21km

Definitely will join this Run! (If my time and money allows). This year’s Nike run will only have a single category – 21km distance. Yes half mary!
I missed the opportunity of joining the nike run last year. FYI (just so you know) Womens’ Nike Run is a buddy run and unfortunately a year a go, I do not have a ‘buddy’  to run with. SADNU. SADLIFE.

But enough with the past, after getting over with my shy-ness (hahah) I have now a few  girl ‘runner’ friends who I can grab to any running events. And kudos to them for believing in me! 👍 (dramatic melody cue) And I really really appreciate them. Thank you God for giving me these lovely creatures!

So here’s my real #TakboFeels about:

First, aside to a drifit included to be used at the run itself, another drifit shirt was given (last year) As finishers’ Shirt. Double the Tech Shirt, Double the Fun.

Second, it is a buddy run! Yes, you will not run alone. You will run alongside with your favorite buddy.
During my first fun run – NatGeo covering 21km, I trained and finished the race alone. Yes, A-L-O-N-E. Two of my colleagues that time were ‘guys’ and during our once-in-a-blue moon training runs at Marikina Sports Center, I am certainly left behind by them. I almost memorized the curves on their backs because of that. (jk)

After my first run at Nat Geo 2015, I told to my self that ‘I will not run again ever in my life.’ I run alone during the event, why not run alone on running ovals for free? I am really traumatized. HAHAH

As a runner, I follow the “Do not let any runner to be dragged by your pace down” so I just say to anyone (running alongside with me) to just proceed with their run and do not wait for me and say the famous tagline “Takits sa Finish Line” cause we would all cross that finish line, no matter what! (Take note, No matter what)                                                 But what I have been following was wrong! (kind of) I realized having someone running beside you is a PLUS! It is either he paces you or you pace him.

From my first hand experience, our body will scream to our brain that ‘You can not finish the race’ , ‘Your legs hurt’ , ‘You will not cross the finish line’ and any other excuses to discourage your inner runner self. Running alongside with a buddy will definitely have a louder voice of encouragement than of those inside our heads.

I started the year 2016 with a fun run. Joining the 4th year of Color Manila Run 2016 Carnival Tour, I ran together with my injured shin and long-patience friend Angel. Yes, we finished and crossed the finish line together! It was actually my first run with a buddy. During the Color run, whenever I slow down to walk, Angel would tell “Tara, Rosa!“ (Let’s go, Rosa) and that kept me going the whole run. I did not really think that I can finish the run since my shins were really in a bad shape. I can not do a simple jump that time, I can not endure the pain in my shins whenever I forced my self to make a step. 😣 In addition, we also did some Chikas along the run. Hahah

Choose your running buddy wisely (identical with your records) Buddies must seen together for picture takings. 😝

A bunch of girls running might be a different experience than those men who run like a horse. Hahahah. So I firmly believe that men are born runners than women. So, joining this run might have a nice impact on your future running careers.

For those who want to try what running feels like, this Buddy Run is truly for you! If I could turn back joining my First Fun Run, I would definitely chose a Buddy Run especially this Nike Event. If ever this is gonna be your first run, Hurray! No biggies, just chill with your pace. Why? Because its gonna be (and definitely) a PR! Its your first time, a dry run, a testing, a study of your performance. You just have to overcome yourself the next time you run!

Runner’s Note:
Nike Run 2015 covering 10k for  P1800/pair
Nike Run 2016 covering 21k for P2700/pair


Trainings I Did:
At first, I just kept my morning jogs. I only have 1 hour spare during the morning before going to work since I have other ‘errands’ to attend after work. The waking up early was the hardest part, but after practicing it for 5 consecutive days your body clock will automatically adjust. I assure you!

Second is the bowel movement. Before running, I also pace my stomach. I have this long run on a Sunday morning, and I did not keep track of what I ate during dinner the night before, after 1.5 hrs halfway of my route, I have the worst nightmare feels of a runner – the running-with-your-unruly-stomach. 😣🏃 That’s it, I do not want to continue the story but I did finish the loop on that memorable Sunday morning.

I take note of my water intakes during the training. I do not want to run with my bladder filled. I definitely do not want to run with a pee on my shorts.



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Event Host Details
7 Eleven – Run 2016, January 17, 2016 SUNDAY at Filinvest, Skyway, Alabang.


Runner’s Records
My first 16km (Yay!)
PR – 2:10 

I once run a 2+ km, and decided to “bahala na yung 14k sa mismong event.” 😂
Carb loading night before the event
Body conditioning mainly Cardio workouts

How I get there
I just took a bus going to Alabang-South Station around 1:45am and I arrived at Palengke near South Station (station was closed yet) around 2:15am. I have just the right time to take rest, visit the booths, attend ‘some’ things at portalets, set my running clothes and shoes, pray, prepare myself.

7 eleven run is one of sponsor-studded runs! So I really went there earlier to enjoy grocery-ing at the booths (to avoid hassle) but some of them were just setting up that time. What I visited and enjoyed were the Milo and Salonpas booth.
And I was right! After I ran, a lot of runners piling up and up to every booth! Freebies like snacks, drinks, stickers, photobooths, raffles, etcetera are worth queuing for! ✌

During the Run
Well, it is my birthday! So, why not start my day doing something aside from eating! SRSLY!
For my first 2km, I started to feel that my stride did not feel right. So I started my pabebe pace from there. 🙂
Running at Skyway, well, it was my first time there and the experience is a mix of excitement and exhaustion. I am excited because of the ‘first timer feels’ and exhausted because I can see the long pile of runners ahead of me but I can not hardly see how far “more” before the U-turn point. 😂 I can also see the 21k runners on the other side.
As I ran, I just find someone as far as my eyes could see and aimed to catch up and passed them by a few meters before I rest-walk for 30sec to 1minute and as I walk, I again look for another benchmark-to-be for my next overtake. I do not have my pace so that’s the cycle I repeated during the RUN.


At the last 2km of the run, 10k runners joined us up to the finish line. And before I knew it, I just finished my first 16km run! Just like that. I will definitely run again!

Feeling after Running
Sore feet! Loose socks really sucks! I removed my shoes and socks right after I passed the Finish Line! Someone really asked me if I ran on my bare feet! 😂 #Poser

Unforgettable Moment/What I enjoyed Most
Everytime I look up ahead, I wonder how long would it take me to pass at a specific point and I will give my projected time whether 5 or 10 more minutes but as I actually passed that point, it was always shorter than I guessed. That kept me the whole run! It really surprised me how far a 1 Minute run could take me.

I’ve been tracking my run via,  STRAVA – did not fail to fail inrecording my runs and NIKE+ – I ran 16k but results showed a total of only 5km. As I passed the 6km mark, nike’s reading was 2.0+ km. So I did not really tracked. Will just wait for the time results.

Crossing the Finish Line

Runner’s Note
There was no ‘Gun Start’ for our wave, 16k- Wave K. The host announcing something about Wave J (16k’s Elite Runners) via mega phone. The next thing we (me and my friend Angel) know, we were surrounded by the 10k runners. I think it was our mistake on where is the ‘actual’ Starting Line of the race. After passing all of the 10k runners in front of us, a different Start Line ark was ahead of us. Nevertheless, we did not hear any gun start.



A warm up exercises for the runners just before the gun start is a plus! There’s a stage set up at the open ground so I really thought there would be a warm up sesh before the run but there was none.














Groupfie_2 – Mapuan, Viva Mapua



I am not an athlete. I am running not to compare my records to others but to overcome my past records thus the birth of my Personal Records.


Selfie_1 Active calves


Selfie_2 At Saucony Photobooth

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A Birthday Run! 7 Eleven Run 2016

Maintenance x Muddy Shoes

If we take care of our things, it may exceed the price we paid for!
I just wanted to share how I wash my muddy shoes.
I use this merrel shoes mainly for running but also tried it for some mountain hikes. The difficult part in cleaning the shoes is knowing that you bought the – not so washing friendly design of it. In this case, the mesh. I actually use this shoes, only,  if the pavement is dry to avoid the struggle of cleaning. But there are cases that the weather wont be on your side and will go home with a muddy shoes. If that’s the case, let us wash it up!

I simply use a brush (toothbrush for small scale mesh), warm water and dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water is a great idea.


First you have to brush of the dried mud off your shoes by simply lightly slamming it against each other or against a wall.
Next is to clear the mud on the side of the sole part (lower part) of the shoes by stroking the brush downward (along with running water) so that the mud wont have a chance to enter the mesh at the upper part during the cleaning process.


Then pour the warm water all over the shoes and then followed by dishwashing liquid and you can start now with brushing the mesh. Take note that you must brush it lightly so that the mesh wont loose. Then proceed to the hard part of the shoes like at the tip and the back and the side of the sole the sole.

Then rinse the shoes through a running water and again slightly brushing it. We just have to air dry the shoes and wait. Exposing to direct sunlight is not advisable. It may affect the appearance and quality of the shoes.

Just follow the up to bottom rule. Clean first the upper part so that it will also wash away the dirt at the bottom and less hassle in cleaning it.
Warm water – everything expands when the temperature is high. Put warm water so that the mesh will lightly loose the trapped dirt and instantaneously brush it.
Dishwashing liquid – in treating our shoes, it must be handled with care. We can also use liquid soap, shampoo, hand soap, etc just try to avoid detergent due to their strong chemicals which is designed for clothes’ stain. It just so happen that I also use dishwashing liquid in my biking gears so its the one available. I also believe it is the mildest of all since its the one that we use on our dishes so it may have health caution related chemicals.

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