ROAD TO PECE: ECE License renewal 2020 – 20CPD pts

To be honest, as per IECEP, a minimum of 15CPDs are required to renew your ECE license if the expiration covers the date until December 2020. YES – facts! 

You probably somewhat read / heard that license renewal won’t be needing the whole 45CPDs – that you can renew with your current points and just carry over on the next renewal the balance out of 45CPD, right? Yes, that was the case way back 2018-ish, now they (PRC) are accepting at least 15CPDs without carrying over anything on your next renewal.

69th AGM - IECEP

So my license expired last January 2020, but I got my license renewed this March 2020. I recently attended the 69TH AGM held at Quezon City last November 28-30, 2019 on where I got my recent CPD – 20points.



This was my second time renewing my license (Here is my first license renewal last 2017) which means I’m already into my 6th deep year of practicing Electronics Engineer. And what excites me more is the fact that I only have 1 year left for me to be be eligible/qualified to apply as Professional Electronics Engineer. *cross fingers*


If we are on the same boat – ROAD TO PECE and you need to renew your license this 2020, please read and note of the things below.


First make sure you have the following:

  • PRC online profile account PRC PORTAL
    • I had my PRC profile since I graduated. Some of their processes back then can already be settled online. But this time, the PRC website itself requested to make a new account. I made my new account last December 2019.
  • IECEP online profile account  My IECEP PORTAL
    • This is pretty understandable if you’re a member of IECEP, their portal makes it easier to track the available incoming seminars. IECEP also uploads your certificate at the portal right after the seminar you attended.
  • Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) – issued by the org IECEP
    • Original with dry seal COGS will be given upon MEMBERSHIP renewal.
  • Cash for renewal (PRC & IECEP)
    • P1300 membership renewal for IECEP with 3 years validity and Membership ID
    • P450 (can’t remember the exact amount) for PRC license payment with 3 years validity. I settled my PRC payment via PAYMAYA mobile App
    • Few Pesos as an additional fee for online transaction – this depends on which bank or service you use. I paid using PAYMAYA, I have additional ~P40 though
  • 2×2 ID picture white background (I think we all know what is this by now)



First, you gotta secure an appointment to PRC (branch of your choosing), that exact date will be the day you are going to claim the ID. Mind you, I did my PRC online profile last December 7, 2019 and there is no slots available anymore. I checked this everyday for the rest of  the month of December but of no luck.


At this time, I was also hesitant to make an appointment since that time, I haven’t got my COGS from IECEP yet. And since its already Christmas season, I decided to do the rest on January 2020. 

Then, I processed my COGS last January 2020 (4th week of January – my license was already expired by this point). I visited the IECEP office at Mandaluyong and just renewed my membership.  After I got my COGS, that’s the time where I full-heartedly decided to schedule an appointment. I logged in at PRC website right away and the next available schedule was already March 2020. You may wanna take note of the ~5-week allowance, HAHAH!

I was able to secure an appointment by the first week of March 2020. And luckily they have this Payment option to settle via mobile App. The last time I renewed I settled the payment via BPI mobile App but now I opted for the PAYMAYA App (so that I could also get PAYMAYA pts) and VOILA! All is set.



The last remaining thing to do is to show up on your appointment with your:

  • Original and Photocopy of COGS
  • At least 1 IECEP seminar (with printed CPD on it) – Original and Photocopy
  • 2×2 Picture
  • Photocopy of expired PRC License
    • this is not needed but I still brought it


Personal Notes:

  • My renewal technically is out of date! What I did here is to secure first my COGS because I worry too much of the CPD points, if the 45CPD will be implemented and that time of December 2020, I only got 39CPDs – meaning I still lack some points. That is why I needed to attend first the November 2019 AGM and proceed to renewal process by December which unluckily has no more slots.
  • When I renewed my IECEP membership last February, they haven’t issued the plastic card (IECEP i.d.) itself. Until now (April 2020) I haven’t got my ID.
  • You may schedule an appointment first at PRC portal since the scheduling has 6-week difference. The COGS can easily be issued by IECEP anytime of the week. 
  • Show up on your exact date. Though they consider the time to be as a whole day, it is better to come early since there’s a lot of professionals. You may wanna leave a day work for this just in case there’ll be problem during the process. I finished my application in the afternoon. It was really a smooth transaction
  • Renewal Process is literally an ONLINE PROCESS. You really need to sign up for the PRC and IECEP portal and make a good profile.



Since you already read this far, I would just like to take this opportunity to put up myself out there. I’m an Electronics Engineer and a proud product of Mapua University. I got my first  job (and still my current job) as Research and Development Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics industry – household and kitchen appliances.

And having a year round just before I apply as a Professional Electronics Engineer, I would like to be a part of a project on where I can exhibit my expertise. I am willing offer 1 time project – FOR FREE! That is whether a  write-up, a power point presentation, be a delegate, technical adviser or any applicable collaborative activity on which won’t jeopardize my current employment, ofc.

Anyway, you may reach me at my personal e-mail, or leave a comment below or see My LinkedIn Profile to widen our connections.


If a problem presents itself, the most and the basic thing we must do is to find solutions. -rosnof


Which is Which: A quick Guide on how to Choose your Domestic Appliances

I’ve been in Electronics industry which focuses on Domestic Appliances, for more than two years. What I really love on what I do is the knowledge I get everytime I open up an appliance to study it physically outside and how inside’s electric circuitry works. I check the product’s quality and compare it with the local standards. Once the product is Up for production, I must make sure that the particular appliance can enter the Philippine market complying the mandated standards.

What this post will be about is not so much the technicalities of the appliance (which is my job) but more on the End User’s POV. So, before buying your appliance/s, you must check the following:

  • First is the Quality. See and touch the appliance physically even if “Effortless Shopping” is in boom right now.
  •  Second, you must consider the attachment / accessories that comes with it. In talking about ANY appliances, the accessories define itself among its competitors especially the stand-alone models. Though, the more accessories you have doesn’t mean it’s the most fantastic among the rest.
  • Third, is the Power Wattage, you might wanna look on the appliance’s rating label alongside with its accessories. Let’s say a stand-alone 1.5L capacity blender with a rating of 500Watts and a Food Processor with 500Watts rating having also a 1.5L Blender attachment. Based from the given, both the units have a 500Watts rating but the other one is a Food Processor with Blender attachment compared to the plain old stand-alone Blender.
  • Fourth is the “Made in_____” Appliances having a tag of “Made in China” does not mean it’s cheap in quality. Almost everything now is made / assembled in China. Get on with it! If it passed your taste in Quality, it must be good and sufficient for your usage.
  • Fifth is the Box designs. Many of you might ask “Why? What’s with the box?” There are a lot of similar products already exists in the Market. Maybe that box is the tie breaker of all! For example, the box might have a built-in handle compared to others. You will be now thinking to choose the appliance with built-in handle for ease of carrying it. In addition, all the features of the products are already printed on the box.
  • So, what if the appliances are displayed without their box? That’s where a P.O.P. will get you. Sixth is, Look for POP’s. POP means “Point of Purchase” These are the things that you see on a series of displays that speaks the main feature of the unit itself. No more Promodiser’s lenghty explanation needed, POP’s are direct to the appliance’s selling point.
  • Seventh, look for the compactness and cuteness of the whole unit. Cos everyone likes it cute!

“If you must delicately choose the specs of your phone, so does your appliances. ” -Rosnof