PhotoG: Spooktacular Treats @ CITC

Hello there! Just as the upcoming All Saints’ & Souls’ Holiday,Β the pile-of-work-due-to-holiday loads, the rush(es), and the typical everyday work routine, Our good-hearted office decided to celebrate the said season with the Kids! Yep, you read that right, with the Kids! Continue reading “PhotoG: Spooktacular Treats @ CITC”

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Staying at the office late? Running on a deadline? Lot of workloads? Impressing your boss? Candidate for a promotion?
Just wanted to share my over time experience. Yes, its not of a big deal right? But for me, it is!

For the record, my work starts at 8:30am to 6:10pm. 1 hour lunch brake and 15minutes mirienda break at 4pm.

My overtime(s) started last 3rd week of January and lasted until the 1st week of February. We got lot of loads piling up so overtime/s were necessary. I extended my working hours for 1,2, until 5 hours on a daily basis.
My overtime was paid. Yes. It is a win-win situation for me not until I noticed it affected my other stuff.

First of all, work out time. I go straight at the gym after work. Cardio and simple lifts for 2 to 2.5 hours. Our gym closes at 9pm. When I started my extended work, I almost arrived at the gym around 7:30 pm just to squeeze my program to 1.5 hours, excluding the rest time maybe 1 hour of workout. Probably be home at 9pm or 10pm (latest).

Next is my meal. Yeah, I take my meals seriously. Why? It is where I get my energy – in calorie form – and to decide which and how my lifts going to be. During my regular day, I do not eat much during lunch since I will not do anything that will require my effort physically until mirienda break at 4pm. I concentrated my heavy meal during our 15minutes mirienda break. Yes, a pre work out meal! But during my extended work, I felt hunger pangs! Especially a 5 hour work extension. My extended workload did not require any sweat pouring movements at all but I feel hungry past 8pm. I resulted to ate pancit canton (2 packs) or a heavy rice meal which will cancel out my work out that day. I will not burn any calories at the gym maybe gaining more instead. I do not have a choice. I felt hungry or just tired?

Next is my time of waking up in the morning. I actually planned on getting myself running at 5am, so I must woke up at around 4 or 4:30am. During the work extension, I literally woke up past 6am, or 7am worst! It was like not setting my alarm at 4am night before. Although I did not arrived at the office late, I missed a lot of run. I missed that 5am-sweet-sweat in exchange of 5am-my-ass-still-at-the-bed. Who’s to blame, arriving at home 10pm everyday, doing some other stuff that makes my bedtime around 12mn. Only having 4 hours of sleep (if I decided to run) 😫

Socials. Catching up with my friends. Seriously. I always wanted to be in touch with my friends. Personal, Hiking matters, running, planning, Events, talk about anything deep under the moon, etc. And I like to do that cathing up every night. I can hardly text at the office just for catching up matters.

Missed a series’ episode or a movie. If I do not have nothing to do, I watch films after I showered. 45 minutes to 1 hour, a lot of things can be learned from it.

Missed reading or studying, just a 1 hour read is a great progress than none! πŸ“– and I am too tired to move around which is basically from a compressed workout at the gym.

These are on top of my list – the things I missed out during my over time. I noticed a lot of things changed. A lot of things missed. I can not do the overtime on a daily basis but I can do long OTs once a week. I am missing a lot and the money from my OTs are not enough to compensate missing my life.
Over times were over 1 week ago but my body does not feel my old routine. It still need some adjustments. Hopefully to redeem myself soon.

Not to mention, eyebags, dried skin, hair fall, awlways tired attitude, not coming up with a great idea, etc. I noticed a lot.