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Focus with the basics.



Daily Prompt: Clumsy

Clumsiness is one of the cutest thing a person can be. It challenges you on how can you escape the awkwardness you're in if you do a thing horribly. It tests the creativity on you on how to exit a... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Promises

The best promises you're ever gonna make starts with the one you make with yourself. As what they say, Promises are meant to be broken , Why? Cause they hypocritically believe in that line! Missing a lot of promises lately? Whether it's... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Original

I have this one Professor, I'd like to name him Professor Y, back in College. He's weird in many ways, the way he talks, he walks, he lectures, everything about him is kinda out of place since a lot of... Continue Reading →

Don’t be Greedy!

FLATTERY... Are set of words wherein everybody wants to be soaked in. It's where some of us gets our confidence. But as what the word flattery means, its just an excessive praise. Who the hell needs the "excess" of anything? Only... Continue Reading →

Challenge yourself

Lot of people say to you that you have to be careful on doing things. I have these support groups that I consider on asking some advise or for them to guide me on what to do next in almost every aspect... Continue Reading →

A Pacifist.

A normal person's everyday life includes arguments. No matter how small or large is that. I personally got arguments pretty well with almost anyone. I'm more of a pacifist but I can be a war freak so long as my side is on... Continue Reading →

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