Photographed: Leg 3 of Conquer Trail Adventure Series 2016



As I wanted (for so long) to try Trail Running, my other commitment(s) keeps on conflicting with my weekends
so I do not really have that time to try Trail Running. Im keeping my weekends dedicated for long runs as per RUPM on October 2, 2016 Yay 42km! Mag ma-marathon si Ati!  But as my curiosity arise, I just wanted to see how the Trail Runners (future me, hello!) prepare for their Run, the Do’s and Don’ts during the race day, and what to expect on the trail so I approached my Trail Runner friend JAI that I wanted to take photos on his next Trail Run and he agreed and said his next Trail Run is on April 17,2016 The 3rd Leg of Conquer Trail Adventure Series and he also (later on) informed the Race Director of my assistance in picture taking. Of course trail running is literally running on a trail, what Im more concern is the practicalities as a (future) Trail Runner myself. I’m really excited on this event!!

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Maintenance x Muddy Shoes

If we take care of our things, it may exceed the price we paid for!
I just wanted to share how I wash my muddy shoes.
I use this merrel shoes mainly for running but also tried it for some mountain hikes. The difficult part in cleaning the shoes is knowing that you bought the – not so washing friendly design of it. In this case, the mesh. I actually use this shoes, only,  if the pavement is dry to avoid the struggle of cleaning. But there are cases that the weather wont be on your side and will go home with a muddy shoes. If that’s the case, let us wash it up!

I simply use a brush (toothbrush for small scale mesh), warm water and dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water is a great idea.


First you have to brush of the dried mud off your shoes by simply lightly slamming it against each other or against a wall.
Next is to clear the mud on the side of the sole part (lower part) of the shoes by stroking the brush downward (along with running water) so that the mud wont have a chance to enter the mesh at the upper part during the cleaning process.


Then pour the warm water all over the shoes and then followed by dishwashing liquid and you can start now with brushing the mesh. Take note that you must brush it lightly so that the mesh wont loose. Then proceed to the hard part of the shoes like at the tip and the back and the side of the sole the sole.

Then rinse the shoes through a running water and again slightly brushing it. We just have to air dry the shoes and wait. Exposing to direct sunlight is not advisable. It may affect the appearance and quality of the shoes.

Just follow the up to bottom rule. Clean first the upper part so that it will also wash away the dirt at the bottom and less hassle in cleaning it.
Warm water – everything expands when the temperature is high. Put warm water so that the mesh will lightly loose the trapped dirt and instantaneously brush it.
Dishwashing liquid – in treating our shoes, it must be handled with care. We can also use liquid soap, shampoo, hand soap, etc just try to avoid detergent due to their strong chemicals which is designed for clothes’ stain. It just so happen that I also use dishwashing liquid in my biking gears so its the one available. I also believe it is the mildest of all since its the one that we use on our dishes so it may have health caution related chemicals.

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